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? about uploading pics


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I have a 6 mega pixel camera that I have taken some lovely photos with....and they are close to a megabyte. Is there any way to shrink these down? Thanks in advance....I just would like to share what the sun has blessed me with this summer!

Jim Finnel

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thanks Im gonna post some of my outdoor lav which is producing some nice thick beggining buds and I got one pic of a og kush plant we used for some clones when it was younger and now it has 9 3ft arms!


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I was very disgruntled when it was down to 250k. 450k is not too bad but 1 meg would be nice.
I saw in a earlier thread that you bump the uploads to 10. I was happy with five but ten is awesome. I hope nobody fucks that privilidge up.


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Hey I just wanted to thank User for posting some of those resize picture files....that works really great and I will be using them in future! Thanks!


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cozmo has re-designed the gallery guide now, take a look
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from now on, if anyone has an issue with the gallery, just goto this link, we made it a sticky thread in every forum that has a gallery for it... if you see something that cozmo missed, please send him a pm with your feedback, so he can add it to the guide.

thanks and much love and respect to you all...;)
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