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Almost all pistils dark brown but trichomes are still cloudy


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It's been almost a week when my lady already had her pistils fully dark brown but trichomes still cloudy, no amber at all. Not all buds that have dark brown pistils, mostly the ones who gets most of the light. Bottom colas still have lots of white pistils but I'm planning to cut top first then leave bottom to finish (btw, about this metod, I have red it somewhere in this forum, can't cutting half of plant and leaving other half of it alive stress plant into hermie?) . Ofcourse I'm not sure when should I cut. My girl are allready in 45 day of flowering. growing white widow, she needs 8 weeks of flowering, so less then 2 weeks left. But I started counting flowering start when I seen that she started producing calyxes on branches tops. Then I found out that I should have started counting after setting 12/12, but I couldn't because she started flowering outside (now she is inside and 12/12), I never knew when flowering trigered unless when she showed calyxes production. So I guess it's more than 45 days, maybe even 8weeks already. What should I do, should I wait for trichomes to get amber? Or cut now because almost all pistils are dark brown? I want them 10% amber and 90% cloudy.


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Outdoor rarely ever finishes to amber trichs unless you had a A+ summer and little to NO rain.

I harvest when the plant says she is done and usually that is when colas start degrading...pistils turn dark brown is pushing it.

My outdoor trichs are usually solid milky within the cola and maybe 1 or 2 amber trichs if any on a sugar leaf.

You can lose a crop to mold or botritis (bud rot) way before they ever amber out especially with the night time temps and the increased dew/moisture going into fall.

Just wanted to add a little first hand info for you to help make a decision on your harvest. :)

Good luck :circle-of-love:

And yes you can harvest colas, branches individually.....it will not hermie this late in the game that close to harvest, nor does selective cropping induce hermies :high-five:


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A few pics would be very helpful as well...and I did miss the switch to indoor.

Keep an eye out for pests invading your room etc...how long has it been placed back inside?


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It actually depends on the strain. Somw plants will take forever to turn amber while having all pistils dying, and some will have all pistils white while trichs are going amber bigtime! Then you'll have strains which go ckwar, cloudy and amber in the same time, go figure. And to be of any help, take samples and smoke them from week 5, and then you're gonna know. Altough when I'm forcing my plants outdoor on an artificial photoperiod, they finish in 5 weeeks :)


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pistils are a terrible way to tell when to harvest. Some stuff has the hairs go brown or orange at 5 weeks, others never get brown till all the trichs are amber.


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She have been placed inside from her 3th flowering week. Here are pics

I have allready tested her. I cant believe it but it tasted amazing and it was more like couchlocking high, not as strong as I hoped it will be, but after smoking I instantly went to sit down comfortably. So maybe she is more then ready since I wanted it energizing not couchlocking?


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while she looks good I wonder if she is ready, normally I get a second growth of pistols/buds after the first set turns and that bud doesn't look like it has gotten to the point of development


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With pure indicas and indica dominant varieties u'll never get cerebral high. The only thing u can do is finish her when she's ready, and if she's still packing leave her for another week.

devils letuce

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what kind of light are u using to flower her now that shes inside? and how high above the plant is it?

who is the breeder of your WW seed?


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Cant tell the breeder but about my light, about 10cm above her. I couldnt afford good lights so I bought only 2 cfl's both 45w 2700k.
Ah, no wonder the buds look so small. 90 watts? Not enough light.

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