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An Inconvenient Truth About Smoking Marijuana & Global Warming

crazy george

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I didn`t know gas could be made from it! Unleaded petrol runs at £1.15 ($2.26)a litre here in uk. Diesel is £1.23 ($2.41) a litre.

People are mad over it and cant afford to run their cars. Maybe now is the time to let people know there is a alternative that can have less of an impact on the environment and the wallet!


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Damn, we're almost at 4$/gal.,
diesel has been 4+/gal. for sometime now.

Diesel engine was designed, developed and run on hemp seed oil.

Glenn Beck at CNN was laughing off hemp for fuel last night.
He mentioned the Hemp Farm bill
and blew it off as Stoners wantin' legal weed.
I'll be sending him a link to Mr. Herer's site/book,
No reason he should AlWays be that ignorant :3:
The link to the show:
Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com


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wow I hope that math didn't take to long. Hasn't it been proven that the earth goes through "climate progressions", and the rising levels of co2 are a direct result of our relationship with the sun?

Also, we (humanity in general) have been burning stuff since the very beginning. What makes you think we are all of a sudden going to stop?


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Scientist say that the amount of CO2 emmisions being produced by humans is and I quote,LAUGHABLE,compared to CERN trying to access the 5th dimension with the largest computer ever built by mankind.when Cern runs test,scientists say that their not only releasing emissions but tampering,manipulating and altering the negative and positive ions that dramatically change the climate,and realising dark matter in public cities to see the affects is more then just humans smoking to much or. Driving to much,we are not over populated,and the water is fine,its all cerns scared tactics to keep attention of them,only my opinion,besides the facts.,,HAPPY GROWING,


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I disagree with you. What is one joint a day (I can't afford it!) towards global warming?

Not every THC consumption is due to burning 'stuff.' Medicinal marijuana, in my state, is liquid THC. How does that create global warming?

With all honesty, I suspect the effects from smoking Marijuana contributes much less to global warming, to hair spray, cow farts, automobile exhaust fumes, factory outputs, etc.

I think that there is some tweaking needed, but I see no reason that THC electronic cigarettes won't be the future - which does not require combustion, in the normal sense.


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Really? I doubt that much is being put out in the atmosphere to cause a great change. I think cars, factories, and all that combine cause more harm than anything.


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If you feel bad about the amount of Co2 your marijuana smoke emit, I suggest going vegetarian to make up for it. In fact - If you stop eating meat your footprint will be reduced dramatically. So dramatically you can smoke weed with good conscience for the rest of your life and still save the environment massively. If you grow marijuana, the electricity you use will create a shitload of Co2. So I suggest letting the car be parked one day every week to make up for that :)

Also - I suggest using a vaporizer. I am not 100% certain, but I don't think vaporizing emit any Co2


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Look Mother Earth knows wht to do when to do when she decides to reset she will and it didn't matter wht we do or smoke we had 5 resets in the past quit tripping smoke up and live

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It's all about where your grow electricity comes from.
If it is from renewable sources or the sun then you will be helping rather then harming the planet. Keep in mind the various emmisions and pollution involved in the production of the equipment that we use for indoor grows. CO2 has the most forgiving global warming potential (GWP) by far. Environmentally nasty bi-products can be unavoidable when manufacturing grow equipment.
As for burning your weed, this is deemed as carbon neutral, part of the natural carbon cycle. Countries all over the world employ this technique with various fast growning plantlife to increase their renewable energy share (RES) certain aspects of this can be questionable, but it is deemed carbon neutral if done correctly. If any organic material within this natural cycle is not burned, it is consumed or decomposes. This would result in the release of more harmful GHG's like methane down the natural road. Forest fires are as natural and necessary as anything, it is only that we have messed with this natural balance and the CO2 cycle by introducing fossil fuels into the mix.
Of course if your grow electricity is powered by fossil fuels, then you are definitely contributing to the emmision problem (we rarely have a choice, myself included).
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Threw out our past we have had high carbon hi co 2 level this is some thing u shouldn't worry about remember we come Frm this planet and it owns us to much waisted time and effort into wht Mother Earth dose or going to do it's been doing it fr millions of years relax the world isn't going to end and believe me buy burning weed isn't going to kill us our government has a etter change at that
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