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Smoke Hash to Stop Global Warming


Global warming is the byproduct of humanity releasing great underground stores of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. The obvious solution is to re-bury these hydrocarbons to lower the temperature of the earth. Marijuana, as with any plant, fixes carbon from atmospheric CO2. Atoms of carbon account for most of any plant's dried mass. Whenever we smoke, we release most of that carbon back into the air as carbon dioxide. If everyone who smoked marijuana switched to hash and all the fibrous material was converted to paper, then we would have a viable carbon sink source.

Hash contains the highest concentration of THC and is a suitable smoking replacement. By smoking less product, the lungs are eased. After hash making, a large amount of dried, crushed plant material is left over.

The left over plant material can then be processed into paper products and sold in the united states. These paper products will inevitably end in land fills, burying tons of carbon.

By legalizing hash smoking only, while allowing the domestic commercial production, we could reduce the impact of global warming. The impact might not be massive, but it all adds up.

[Sorry about the intro. I just smoked a bowl and felt like writing something long, but I realized I didn't have time for that. The intro does however contain most of the pertinent information. Good day.]


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They could start by identifying the top 10 causes of pollution (Specifically) and tackle the ones that would make the greatest impact overall first, instead of the ones that are the cheapest and pamper the industrial complex and investment bankers.


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The UN just released a study that the largest contributing factor to global warming is having a diet based on meat which is far more destructive to the environment than all the cars combine. . . . So if you really want to help the situation don't go buy that 18oz rib eye. Don't get me wrong, I love meat but I do limit my consumption to about once a day where I will only consume a portion of meat that is smaller than the average Americans.


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I have meat at almost every meal. Humans evolved on a meat-based diet. Cro-magnon's diet was over 80% meat. The fat and protein from meat helped us evolve our brain. A balanced diet, which includes meat (and veggies, fruit, etc), is healthy. I personally consider humans as the ultimate apex predator. Our intelligence allows us fell any animal, despite their size or speed. We are the top of the food chain, and meat is an important, and extremely delicious part of our diet.
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