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Aquarium Water For Watering?


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Awesome thanks for the input, I think I'm going to try watering select plants to see if there is any beneficial nutrients in the water. I myself have a 10g, and a 20g tank both planted with fish, along with two male bettas as well. That sounds like a good combo though let me know if you keep at it!


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Used to take my siphoned 'nasty water' from fresh water tanks I kept and cut it 50/50 with tap from the garden hose - chile plants LOVED it. ;)

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Make sure the water is aerated till you use it, I am pretty sure it will go anaerobic pretty fast if you don't!
Also, another consideration is if you use water softeners and other things for the fish, it may be a bad idea.
You may also consider the food you are feeding them, it should be frozen and live food... pellets and or flakes can/will leave a scent in your herb... bad juju. Feeding w/cheap foods on occasion is considered safe though!

"It takes about 12 days for the nitrogen cycle to complete itself. The ammonia in the fish waste is converted to nitrite by aerobic bacteria (nitrosonomas). Then, by the colonization of another aerobic bacteria (nitrobacter), nitrite is converted to nitrate. Nature is perfect, if chaotic. The growth of these bacteria is virtually unstoppable anywhere the right conditions occur on Earth. The natural filter of water is plants. This cycle is the basis of life on our planet. The waste of aerobic bacteria is nutrient. It is not difficult to comprehend--have you seen the growth of plants by a rich pond?"

Please be sure to post your results here and let the rest of us know how it goes!


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Wow thanks so much for the detailed answer Captain, I actually use Sera tablets I generally once a month go and buy live food until it runs out, but the majority is Sera tablets. My main concern was about the smell or taste in the plants after harvest and curing, did anyone try vigorously flushing the plants before harvest? Maybe it could help I will try it with one, but I will most definitely try the water on a couple plants to see if anything beneficial results could occur. And that's exactly right, I have a house by a man-made pond and it has air being pumped into it year around and the bass around up to 6lbs and the plant life is booming!

Thanks again for all the information, it really helped :adore:


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Is Aquarium water good for plants ? If it isn't then I suspect to see very uncomfortable fish as well. Your best friend in both fish and plants and humans is bacteria. All organic waste products in soil and water go through a process of decomposition and transformation to the nitrates that are used by the plants. Urine, plant matter and food products in the water produce ammonia that irritates fish gulls and causes distress and oxygen starvation. The filter is basically a home for the bacteria necessary for the break down of these harmful byproducts to a less harmful form of nitrates that is then diluted by water changes. This process also lowers the PH of the water, another benefit to your "Girls" .
Test your water for ammonia and use care to never use tap water to clean your filter. Algae in the tank is a good indication that your bacteria is cycling the water properly. Healthy aquarium water is fantastic for plants !
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