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Are these spider mites? closeup pics

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Here's what the dmg looks like on my leaves. It starts with the bottom leaves and moves up QUICKLY. by the time I noticed it on a plant, it was covered. I threw that plant out and a few days later, another plant is doing it!

Daily inspections with a microscope reveal NO bugs on leaves, and NO webbing. Just a bunch of little dots that resemble bite marks.

HOWEVER: in the soil and in the pot trays, are a ton of these little buggers. They are opaque in color and immune to neem oil, so i watered and sprayed with spinosad last night. Today, there's a lot in the tray( mostly dead)

Here's the pics, anyone recognize these ugly little bastards?

These were taken with a 400x digital microscope, but they are still in a low res.

Thanks guys!
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That was correct! I had a MASSIVE thrip infestation. They truly are bad asses and they almost destroyed my babies :(
They spread from plant to plant within a week, every plant in the tent was infected!

I had to fill a garbage can with a spinosad mix (2 oz per gallon) and submerge my 7 gallon pots. What a pain in the ass. I also foliar sprayed a few times with the same mix. It hasn't worked entirely... The plants are still alive but the harvest will be 1/2 what it should have been. I'll be cleaning the hell out of my flower tent as soon as these plants are done!