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Autoflowers and LED - Help!


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I will be starting my first autoflower grow within the next few weeks. I have studied the hell out of the ins and outs of this type of grow here on 420, on youtube, and all over the internet. I've gotten a lot of clear information on soil, pot size, nutes, light schedules, "awesome photos of high yeilds" etc - but I have not found:

How far away should my LED light be?

I have an Advanced DS100 2.5ft x 3ft (50) 3w High Output LEDs (single chip) Diamond series light in a small-ish closet. Going to run 2 autos: Dinafem White Widow and a Pineapple Express.

I don't have a lot of experience - just practice on one photoperiod plant which I managed not to kill!

Any knowledge/help/advice/experience will be Greatly Appreciated!!



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Hi guys! I just started my first grow a few weeks ago. I germinated my seeds on the 22nd of August. Up till today they have sprouted and shown some leaves. I have actually grown a Ak47 a few years back but didn't go along with it till the end. I kinda remembered that that plant grew a bit faster. I'm really concerned about the speed of my plants. The blue cheese seedling seems like it's not growing. The vanilla kush was a bit stretchy but fine now. It is also showing signs of slow growth. The pineapple chunk looks a bit better than the vanilla and blue cheese. My autos are going up at the same pace as the pineapple.

Here is my set up,
450watts LEDx2 so 900watts led in total.
6 inch ventilating fan
Coco/organic soil/worm cast for growing medium.
My temps 27-32c
Haven't got a ph meter yet.
No nutes yet.

Can you guys please tell me if my plants are doing fine or not. If not, how can I save my plants. Thanks a lot everybody.

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Hello fellow gardeners, I'm a noob here and wanted to find out what you guys think about this setup I did for my roomie!!! I just wanna make sure I've got my feeding and lighting timeline down, since these are NOT my plants(unfortunately)!!! I'm going to feed the baby girls at 14 days veg w/half strength Dr. Earth's Nitro Big(Organic) until 2 weeks after start of pre-flower, then change to Dr. Earth's Golden Bloom and change my light schedule from 24/0 down to 20/4 at first sign of pre-flower!!! BTW, the show is as follows: 2 Auto Pounders(Auto Seeds); 1 Ultra Violet Auto(Samsara Seeds); 2 Big Bud(Homegrown Fantaseeds); 1 Green Love Potion(Samsara Seeds) and all of them are in 5.5gal Ultra Oxy pots filled w/Happy Frog soil and no add'l nutes as of yet!!! I'm watering w/RO water, that I'm still letting sit for 24hrs before using(due to the questionable condition of the filters). I will of course separate the plants when either the tent gets too crowded, or the non-autos need to go flower. Current setup is 2 AgroMax Classic tents each w/LG LED Solutions MARS II equivalent 1200W(570-600W actual), 6" fan, 4" exhaust fan attached to top port.

The girls in the pic poked thru the soil on 8/31, and here's where they were 2 days ago!!!
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