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Hi, first post on here. Ive got a problem and I hope that someone can help. Simply, that at around 4 weeks into flower, as the buds should start to smell nice, I get a horrible "acrid" smell. This is weird and very hard to pin down for several reasons. When I have searched various forums all I find is any questions about "funny smells" are either met with ridicule ("its supposed to stink - Stupid!") or the usual "dry grass cuttings" answers. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL SMELL
I've messed up loads of times before over 10 years of my hobby, but each time, I've cured the various problems and moved on. This is stumping me. I hope that if someone has had this problem they will recognise it immediately. Strangely, someone I know has just had the same problem (again on the odd plant only), despite the fact that we don't collude or swap tips (so there is no influence on one another) He has grown for about 8 years and never had this problem before the last couple of months. Also he uses 1cm cubes with Vitalink in an IWS, I use currently Canna Coco / Canna A&B etc in a manual feed "Hempy Pot" with good success normally
1. It doesn't happen to all my plants only the odd one.
2. Flushing etc doesn't help.
3. It has happened in soil (with Bio-Bizz) (S. Silver Haze -10 w)
4. 1 went "Pete Tong" in a 4-pot hydro. All 4 were treated the same, 1 bad - 3 OK (cheese - 8w)
5. Shipping in water didn't help
6. Changing food didn't help.
7. Other symptoms - paler leaves throughout, light green but no yellowing. Pistils browning at 50% through flower (not on all buds but all buds have the horrible smell
8. Currently out of 12 plants it has just begun to happen to a "W. Rhino" at 5 weeks in. Horrible stink, pale leaves, brown pistils (40%) Some of you will say it could brown at 5 weeks. I appreciate your point but no, this is "Too Much Too Young". The brown pistils look wrong too, almost (but not quite) as if they have been singed But not on all the buds.
Confused, you should be, I am !
Any opinions would be appreciated. Any questions please ask.

Thanks In Advance Parsifal
Re: BAD Smelling BUDS !

Sounds like bud rot. You might want to take one of the bad smelling buds off and cut it in half and see if it has rot or mold inside of bud.
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No CO, not bud rot, ive already chopped open one to check. Plus ive had "the rot" before and the smell is not the same. Plus you can raise the smell from the pistils alone, exactly as if you were checking the "bouquet on a normal one. P
Re: BAD Smelling BUDS !

Welcome to :420: parsifal :welcome:

That's a new one on me, but I'm only on my 4th grow. The brown pistils sounds like what happened the first time I had a plant hermie.

Maybe try posting in the FAQs or one of the grower forums?
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