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So, this strain has proven to be a good one and a yield will reflect that i hope. We are one week out, total time is three months.

Last two pictures are taken today, the rest - two weeks before.

Buds are filling out nicely despite all the nute and temp problems i had during the grow.

Very strong and resistant strain. Citrus smell.





finally, after 98 days... comes the harvest! man what a nice grow this has been.

the thing is heavy, man it's heavy. can't wait to see weight of dry bud.

Very nice! Where's the dried bud shots?? :hookah:

Hey, were they autoflowers? what size pots are those?
Coming soon :D

It was just one plant first of all and pot size was 11L.

Yes, Sin Trabajo is autoflower - a cross between Mazar and Lowrider they say.

Since it was 420 day, i took an early test sample after 10 days of drying and 4 days of curing.

Amazing and strong stuff... really, did not feel like THC was low in this one. But a very citrus like smell, thick smoke and great overall experience.
That's a very respectable harvest...and good to know that 3gal pots will produce. :bravo:
It's a normal average Joe yield. And a good one considering i had nute burn, led burn, switched between LED, HPS and CFL like 6 times due to electricity problems. Other two i had just died. Good experience in all ways possible.
Final update on this grow. This is top notch auto with weed that is so good for medical users. It will put you to sleep you want it or not, i have not used it for socializing, but i will tonight. It feels like a bit of stoner, but in a easy and soft way. Not a permanent couch locker.

I understand that growing conditions is everything, still i hope people looking for medicine will take notice. This is a true CBD strain and i wonder why it's not being marketed as one more aggressively. Good job barney's farm, good job.

And now... the harvest :D 73 (i mentioned 63 before, a miscalc) grams of top notch weed.

Wow very nice! I ordered now 5 seeds of them :)
How was the smoke? taste? smell?
I was looking for a good medical autoflowering strain and think now I am right with this here!
Will grow it on balcony =) Can you give me any advises for growing this strain?

I am actually smoking it as we speak :D

Smell of bud is very fresh citrus. Smoke is thick and kind of sweet. Smoke itself is fruity, room smells like oranges and waterpipe all together. Very nice experience with smells.

Yes, clearly this is very calming and more stone than high strain. But stone is a very nice one. Very effective for sleep, but not that you will fall asleep if you don't want to. I noticed soon that i don't need a lot of it, felt quite strong.

Advice... this is very strong and resistant strain, but you have to have a lot of direct light for long enough time. They wont do much grown in shade. Can you start it inside and then move outside?
No... only outside but think I start it at good time because summer begins :D
Smells it very strong? because of neighbours.... you get over 60g per plant? thats amazing!!!
I am looking for the perfect soilmix.. any idea?
I have currently 1x Bluematic 1x Jack herer auto and 2x Royal Creamatic but one of it didn't look healthy :( the other one looks fine.
And when my seeds of sin trabajo arrive I will germinate all 5 of them :D hope this year I can harvest engough... weed is so expensive today
It did not had classic weed smell, so i think you are fine smell wise.

I grew it under 250w hps and finished under 300w led lights in 20/4 mode. Yields will be directly linked to amount of light they get.

Soil... hard to say. Look for other growers from your country and see what they are using. I use humus soil mix for tomatoes and paprika. Ad some extra perlite or sand and your good.
Which LED is good quality? I start indoor next year and then LED grow =)
But this year only indoor.
300w LED sounds to high energy usage... when someone grows with LED then to save energycosts right?
I have MarsHydro LED. Now led never uses as it says, 300w uses actual 170w. It matches what HPS 250w can do. There are other 75w led's that match 250w hps too but cost in quite high.

No man, actual bill is not that big. Do some calculations. You will see.
yeah my seeds arrived yesterday from barneys farm. 5 feminized seeds of sin tra bajo... put 3 of them in a glass of water to germinate.
Good plant for 1st timers.. Tried indoors and outdoors. Good taste, nice and relaxing, without feeling too wasted.... Definitely a Mexican buzz
Good plant for 1st timers.. Tried indoors and outdoors. Good taste, nice and relaxing, without feeling too wasted.... Definitely a Mexican buzz

Does this one can finish outdoor (seed to bud) in a 3 months (good weather)?

About the buzz, i'm looking for auto that will not give me racy heart and anxiety effects.
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