Barney's Farm Sin Trabajo

i'm having 2 in my flower room(free seeds) and very big difference in phenotypes!!!the first one is small very, and the second big
that's all i can say for now :goodjob:
It did not had classic weed smell, so i think you are fine smell wise.

I grew it under 250w hps and finished under 300w led lights in 20/4 mode. Yields will be directly linked to amount of light they get.

Soil... hard to say. Look for other growers from your country and see what they are using. I use humus soil mix for tomatoes and paprika. Ad some extra perlite or sand and your good.
Yeah he could get a pretty good yield using sunlight ifit gets enough. You did pretty good for indoor!
IMHO Both Somango and Sin strain,are very underrated.....Both strains are great for indoors or outdoors, SOIL OR HYDRO. The yield is very good and you can make lots of mistakes with lighting along the way and the plants seem to be able to endure..
This is my favorite plant this time of the year...I have grown SIN several times outdoors and had excellent results. It auto`s very fast once planted outdoors. I place compost around mine and let her grow as Mother nature intended...She`s Mazar, mexican and ruderalis, mine was grown after 11.5 weeks, like most Indicas she has a nice kick.
BTW: Not much worked required.....Germed her for 3 weeks inside before i ventured to take her out...Easy to clone as well.Dry i have gotten between 35-75G`s per...Which is a decent yield,for MMJ i would rate her an 8....
Very nice! Where's the dried bud shots?? :hookah:

Hey, were they autoflowers? what size pots are those?

I have a sin trabajo autoflower going into second week of flower and the whole plant looks like a gorillas arms there are so many pistils everywhere.. I'm using 3 gallon pots.. Running 13 hours of lights on. Temps are 80 lights on.. Low to mid 70's lights out..40%rh.. In less than a week this girl has gone from 38cm to 74cm. And keep my lights only a couple inches above her and raise it a few times a day so she don't grow into it. Running 650w 12 bulb HO t5..4'x18". These plants are awesome.. I'm slowly lowering my Rh to force her to produce more trichomes. And she sucking up almost a gallon of water every other day to every 3rd. Healthy and happy as hell.. If you hadn't tried this strain.. Give her a shot.. Easy easy easy to care for. Enjoy everyone.
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