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BID's Girls R.I.P.


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I've got some really bad news about BID's girls.

We, I should say BID's girlfriend, as it was her decision, to let a friend of BID's take over the grow to finish their cycle, and unfortunately the guy and his wife didn't do a very good job of tending to the girls needs.
I should have done it but, as I don't have a card and I really don't know as much about their care as my son did, I dropped the ball on this one, I let my grief overcome my better decision making, and to make a long and tragic story short, the girls all died.

What's even worse, I know wherever BID is now he would really be upset especially about the high CBD plant he was very excited about, I'm so sorry guys, there just wasn't anyone to carry on his legacy, and losing his life's work is like losing him all over again.

Once again, I'm so sorry.
To all of you who followed BID's progress and almost daily updates, I apologize for not being a better caretaker.

I should have listened to BID's brother, he was opposed to the whole decision to let the friend take over, BID wanted his brother in line to take care of his project if he wasn't able to do it himself, but I let the girlfriend talk me into letting the friend do it, not realizing there were ulterior motives involved, it's amazing how many vultures turn up when someone passes away. That's when you find out who really cares as his brother did; and who is in it for what benefit they can reap.....Greed is an ugly thing don't ya think?
Now his grow equipment is wanting a new home to help another who has good intentions to carry on a similar mission as my late dearest son BID had in mind.... I hope to find a true cannabis horticulturist that can use the equipment, and be fair about a price! My family is struggling and need to cover expenses for the remainder of BID's cremation expenses.
We truly love those of you that are interested in the passion of the medical marijuana movement, and the benefits and the power of healing with cannabis.

BID's Family.


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Mom,I am truly sorry for your family' s loss

Please dont beat yourself up on decisions made in the time of grief,its not fair to you.

the plants may be gone,But BID lives on, in all of our hearts,and to me, I think he would have loved that,just as well

your post brings this 45 year old "biker guy" well into tears.

truly sorry for the families loss--chris


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Thank you so much for your words of comfort, we appreciate, everyone at 420 who have been so thoughtful and supportive of our family, BID does live on through his family, and the many friends here at 420, he loved all of you, and his girls, his journals, and almost daily visits to the forum, those were the joys in his daily life.
I talked to BID's Sig. Other, to nite and she will try to continue his genetics as soon as she can afford to get her card, so all is not lost. We will all continue the good fight for the green, and I think that will be the tribute to his memory, he would have liked to see.

Thank you again for your kind words...sl
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