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Blue to Red veg to bud Change?


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Ok so iv just gone all out now and after a few hours research (even though I wanted to go LED; Too expensive) I have ordered 4X 125watt CFLs 2x Blue for vegging, 2x Red for flowering. Iam planning on doing just 4 plants for now and vegging with blue for around 3 weeks 18/6 Then flowering with red 12/12 for 2 weeks onwards... I am just wondering how the transition from blue light 18 to BAM red lights 12 will effect my plants and if its safe to just do the change like that and what not, so thought id inquire here, thanks in advance...

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Re: Blue to Red veg to bud Change???

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For my first two grows, I changed my CFL bulbs the same time that I flipped to 12/12 with no issues at all. If you want to reduce stretching you can keep the higher Kelvin bulbs in during the first couple of weeks after flipping, otherwise you can switch over to the lower Kelvin without any concerns whatsoever.
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