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Strain Name - Blueberry
From - Cali most likely
When - 4/2
Price - Depressing! $550 an oz.
Type - Indica 80% Sativa 20%
Appearance - Dark green, and dark orange hairs. Fairly dense, and sticky!
Smell - Fruity. Strong! Has that "dank" smell when you smoke it. Really heavy.
Taste - Good! I like its rich flavor. It is a harsher smoke, but good taste none the less.
Type of Buzz - Stoney! Good couch lock buds.
Length of Buzz - About 2 hours.
Best Medicinal Use - For me, great for sleep. Has that great heavy indica feel. Helps with the appetite, but there are better strains for that.
Overall - Still one that I will always grab a nug of when it is around. If you get a good batch of blueberry it will definitely be a good example of a more narcotic feeling stone. Taste is one of my favorite in a good joint! A joint and coffee sounds amazing after a little of this haha!
Pictures to come.:Namaste:
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