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Bowel Cancer


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First off I apologise if this isn't the right thing to post or the right place, but I'm somewhat desperate, I've recently been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer secondaries on the liver and lymph nodes... without chemo they gave me months with chemo maybe 2 years, I've just started 2nd cycle of chemo, obviously I'm scrambling to see what other choices i have if any, I've read so much about Rick Simpson - Hemp Oil my question is as I live in Australia and obviously don't have much time to research grow it and so forth so Can I buy the oil, is it legal and if so where can i buy it, and know it is the GOOD stuff

thank you so much to anyone willing to reply and help me

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Hi debsgil,

Welcome to :420: !

Certainly understand your health concern's and looking for 'Hemp Oil' on the net. Here is a link on what to expect when purchasing products online. } How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil. Please note also; people with an illness like cancer hear of 'hemp oil', run to a health store, etc., thinking it will kill cancer and the truth is it will NOT! The correct terminology is Concentrated Cannabis Oil. Back in the late 60's it was referred to as 'hash oil' or the lighter concentrates referred to as 'honey oil/blonde oil'. Rick Simpson terms the concentrate 'hemp oil'. Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a huge difference between 'hemp oil' they sell in stores and on the net and what Rick Simpson calls 'hemp oil'.

The only way you will know if it is legit is from a trusted source. I would recommend having a family member/friend help out in a 'local' search for a strain that is high in CBDs, a strain high in THC and a Indica x Indica strain for sleep. Especially while doing chemo.

Here is a link to a couple of tutorials put together for your specific purpose. } How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil Pay close attention to the 'dosing' tutorial' as this will teach you the correct way to dose properly. I would suggest reading the post and learn what and what not to do.

This is the only way you know that your concentrated cannabis oil is the GOOD STUFF! Also a worthy mention. Do not rush or make panic decisions. Mistakes happen! Also gain knowledge on long term chemo/late stage radiation and understand the side effects. No options now, I understand this. but gives you time to absorb knowledge and get a 'game plan' together for a informative educated decision.


ps to make sure you see a current post 'refresh' you're browser page.
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