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Hey guys,

I wanted to reach out to some more experienced growers to confirm my suspicions of nutrient burns. I have 4 plants and this one plus a younger plant both experienced this issue, with some of the leaves. The reason I am unsure is I had my grow light roughly 18 inches away from my plants before switching to the flowering light; which increased the heat substantially in my grow tent. I have since moved my light about 36 inches away from the plants and the heat has leveled off at around 75F within the tent. The nutrients I am using are FF Grow Big and FF Tiger Bloom; Tiger Bloom was added this past week due to it being week 5 and time for the 12/12 cycle. I know for sure that I have not followed the schedule and fed my plants at .25% of the recommended dose, but I watered for 2 watering in a row with this level of nutrients. The only reason I am not 100% sure that this isn't light burns; is because it only affected two plants, which happen to be at the center of the tent, and because even with 2 watering at this dose it should still be well below the recommended doses for these products.

3x3x6 grow tent
2000w LED with veg/flower lighting
FF potting soil

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!


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Mine did this too but I’m in veg still and it took over the whole plant. Saved them but took a lot of work. I just finished reading the watering post by Emily. Great info. Soak and dry. That was the trick. I was underwatering a lot and it killled my soil which got my plants in a lockout. Soils ph isn’t as important as the water going ins ph. I had no idea but it’s true. Three weeks of not caring about the soil ph and the plants are thanking me haha.
It was really sudden; I noticed it on 1 leaf tip one evening and didn't think much of it. 2 days later and it was showing up on several plants on several different leaves. Lesson learned! lol.
I will keep in mind adjusting my watering frequency; I'm pretty nervous about over watering, and haven't gotten into a good flow for watering them yet. I would guess that there are some issues with my frequency due to my lack of experience! Hopefully this is the only major issue I run into and I can learn from this for my next grow:)
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