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Building my first grow room/hot box


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Hi everyone I am building my very first hot box in my attic. I have a good size box but I am also considering converting a fridge instead. I am in the process of buying the materials that I need. So what I have on my list so far is a 4 inch carbon filter and acoustic duct. Can any of you guys help me list the correct items I need. I.E. which type of fan I will need and help with the lights. I am going to use led lights to try and keep my heat signature down. Thanks


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these are salmon boxes i line them then cut them , you can go as high as you like , im going 2 high for seedlings and you veg



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Those look good but they might be a bit big for my needs, I plan on only growing one or two plants in a small space in the attic, I have to hide it from the wife and kids. The wife knows I am growing and she doesn't mind as long as its out of the way. Can you get smaller ones?
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