Cannabis and Dementia - Especially Alzheimers

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I agree. If marijuana helped with dementia, everyone would have used it as a treatment long ago.
It is tough when someone suffers from dementia. It is tough when it is a close person. My father suffers from dementia. I can't look at him without tears. All his life, he was a surgeon in one of the hospitals in our city. He was a very outstanding person. He saved hundreds of lives. Now he is in such a situation, and no one can help him. The only thing I could do was to contact professional care. Thus, I am calm that my father does not sit by himself, but they constantly look after him and help him. This is very painful for him, but there is no other way out, unfortunately...
When my grandmother got dementia, I researched a lot of material to keep her and us safe. She forgot a lot and periodically could not orient herself even in her room. It could cause her to bump or even fall. I read an article like - 15 Ways to Reduce Fall Risk in the Home, and secured a space around her. Since her condition is getting worse, she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Now I am looking for information on treating Alzheimer's with marijuana. If anyone has more information, please share.
Regardless of your stance on the legalization of marijuana, there is no doubt that this plant has beneficial medicinal properties. I don't think everyone currently taking medical marijuana necessarily needs it. Still, if you suffer from vague symptoms such as anxiety or chronic pain, numerous studies have already shown that marijuana is an appropriate treatment option. Cannabis often has fewer side effects than some drugs on the market.
Dementia and Alzheimer's are not the same disease, they're similar but not the same. Dementia is like the twilight zone. They become inflicted with short memory, and delusional, they live in a relapse of past situations. You interact with them by going into their world not them in yours. Where as Alzheimer's they slowly degrade backwards inside themselves until they are back at the mind set of an infant.
I'm not sure what causes either, however it is known that we have beta aluminum toxins within us and as we age that toxins becomes more prevalent and if it over rides the other hormones then the body's reaction is that of Alzheimer's.
I'm a certified Medical assistant and I specialize in memory care.
The cool thing with dementia is they possess the ability to do things they used too. Muscle memory. They might not do it amazing but it actually does help them. They didn't forget who they are, they're just lost in their own twilight zone. ❤️
Marijuana has been proven to help children on the spectrum in different studies.
I hope this was useful.
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