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Cannabis Is The Human Companion Plant - The Consciousness Of Cannabis

Sister Vee

THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CANNABIS PLANT ~ How a plant earns the right to be loved, respected and praised...

Does the Cannabis Plant have its own consciousness?

Through the teachings of my Elders ii have always believed that the Cannabis plant is the Holy Herb and the 'Tree of Life of which the leaves will heal the nations' as referred to in the biblical Revelation and elsewhere in the bible, most importantly in the book of Exodus where the ingredients of the holy anointing oil is revealed.

It is no coincidence that the Cannabis leaf has seven leaflets. The number 7 is the holy number and is mentioned 735 times in the existing bible of 66 books and then obviously more in the full 88 books of the Amharic bible.
Personally ii have been working with this plant for over 20 years and from my side all ii can say is that the Cannabis Plant speaks to me and ii have developed a personal relationship with this plant and ii can also say that ii am personally and lovingly in debt to the Cannabis plant for making it possible for me to be cancer free for 20 years Give thanks and Praise! So for me personally the consciousness of this plant is love and life and for millions of people around the world.

In my studies of this sacred and intriguing plant ii have seen many things which some people might consider border line bizarre but to prove that this plant has a consciousness of its own ii would like to share a personal experience. So ii was inspired to leave a few male plants in the garden in the presence of the female plants so ii had learnt from my Masters to remove the male parts the flowers which look like little white seed pockets so you trim the male down to leaves and stems.

What happens now is mystical and magical because the females now start to show a side of their natural consciousness. The female plants begin to display behaviour of attention seeking from the males present in the garden so they will start to push bigger buds and you can quite literally see a rapid difference in their growth and bud development than in female plants who are alone in a garden.

This behaviour indicates a consciousness of adornment where the female plant shows intention to produce more beautiful buds to make her more attractive to the male Cannabis plant. In other words the female plant is very much aware of the presence of the male plant and it is this awareness which give the plant its unique consciousness. Often times ii have witnessed male plants turn hermaphrodite and in three different gardens ii have actually seen the male turn female and harvest healthy and potent buds. True story.

Woman has loving relationship with male Cannabis plant

Sisters have been using the Cannabis plant for woman issues for thousands of years from menstrual cycles to child birth, menopause and emotional issues. So you should not be surprised to hear how a woman who has physical deformities and as a result she is that 40 year old virgin so as part of her personal healing she is nurturing a loving relationship with a male Cannabis plant...she takes the plant around with her to make sure it gets enough sunlight and water and nutrients ...she speaks lovingly and seductively to the male plant, dances seductively for him and she will eventually eat this male plant taking him deep inside herself to satisfy her personal desires.

Women like this lady find immense emotional healing through this ritual and in turn the male Cannabis plant enjoys a healthy season of existence in blessed love and life. This is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant.
Recently ii was asked by one of my readers what my 'Bullshit Barometer" is as some of the stories ii write about are really quite wild, so ii assure you that this is a true story, one which ii have heard and personally experienced often enough to believe it to be truth.

Cannabis only does good and as humans we have been working with this plant for thousands of years and the first pair of Levi's were made from the hemp plant and a lot of people may not know this but the very first car by Henry Ford was fuelled by hemp oil. We have a much longer relationship with this plant than the period of time we have been legally separated from the Cannabis plant.

So the consciousness carried for thousands of years of interacting with humans and animals has certainly not been blocked by this past 105 years of denying society this plant and if anything has grown stronger in the shadow of unfair laws.

The consciousness of the Cannabis plant is getting bigger and bigger...

As with most things in life what is resisted will not only persist but in fact become stronger and so too the Cannabis plant is becoming stronger through prohibition and persecution and this is because the consciousness of the plant wants to get closer to mankind and womankind to heal the nations in a positive manner as is the intention of this plant.

Cannabis does not enjoy the fact that its users are threatened by the laws of the lands. Cannabis will bring itself closer and closer to the people as can already be seen and pretty soon these same people who now demonize our holy herb will stop arresting this plant and forcing its human to suffer . Instead these officials will start consuming the plant and only then will the arresting officers consciousness change and this is coming soon it is actually happening this is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant. The officers and other anti -Cannabis supporters will eventually thank the people who introduced them to this sacred and life changing plant.

"Victory is ours!"

According to Rastafari lawyer Ras Gareth Prince the Cannabis plant also has rights...it has a right to live in South Africa as it was here long before colonialism...Cannabis has been on the planet for millions of years and survived in the oceans long before becoming terrestrial...this plant in plain truth belongs to the Khoi San people.
So Cannabis has always through its own consciousness known that its purpose on earth is cultural, spiritual, economical and medicinal.

We are currently witnessing the proceedings leading up to the "Trial of the Plant" in 2017 so truly Cannabis now even has a court consciousness which has come about from 100 odd years of being persecuted and demonized in court rooms around the world and now in the very near future the Cannabis Plant will have its time in court where the positive benefits of this plant will be highlighted and debated. This is the type of reasoning the plant has been waiting for. The Cannabis plant has retained a quiet dignity throughout all the condemnation, sitting patiently and silently waiting for the day when it can finally show us what it can really do and what is going on inside this plant and indeed inside our very selves.

Regarding the Trial of the Plant Ras Gareth Princes states

"We are saying that because the usage of Cannabis is an indigenous cultural practice"š the law must respect that. So we have come here to challenge the criminal laws in respect of Cannabis and we are saying that these are immoral in principle and they are unworkable in practice. They do not belong in contemporary South Africa."

Truly ii can never believe that condemnation and persecution is part of the new world we are trying to create for future generations.

Ras Prince is not only a qualified lawyer but also a Holy man and so he also praised the Cannabis plant. He said there is a lot that South Africa can benefit from the plant if it is legalised.

"It is cultural"š it's economical"š it's medicinal"š the people of South Africa need Cannabis. Not just Rastafarians"š the whole of South Africa. It is a way to get us out of poverty"š unemployment and the disease that is chocking our country. So we need the herb for the freedom of our people."

Jeremy Acton is the brains behind The Dagga Party and personally he has blessed my Master and ii with legal guidance and enlightment over the years and he says that

"If our application is fully successful ... everything in this country is going to change and move in a more positive economic and social direction"š"

"But the ordinary people on the ground must wake up to their rights"š which have been violated for the last 100 years of prohibition."

"We believe that we are supported spiritually by the Cannabis plant itself".

When ii asked Jeremy if ii could use a photo and a quote from him he not only agreed but also undertook to contribute to this work so ii am truly honored to include the following contribution from the man behind The Dagga Party which ii quote from his paper The Politics of Hemp and Dagga in South Africa published in February 2009.

"Using the writings of Castaneda as an initial guide, I began to consciously approach the 'entity' of the Dagga plant, and thus I began an inner spiritual journey with the Dagga plant. Through the use of Dagga and by reading widely about psychological development and about the many spiritual and religious traditions around the world, I became aware of my 'inner self' and my subconscious and I began to find healing and understanding that would never have been achieved without Dagga.

I have always been interested in Science and the way the Universe might have been created. I have always sought to understand "That" from which this entire Universe originated, and in my research and meditations, I was using the Dagga plant, consciously evaluating the pathway to insight that is offered by Dagga.

Over 19 years of interest in the Dagga Plant, my own personal observations of the law against Dagga is that the law is based on utterly out dated 'reefer madness' propaganda and the prevailing cultural prejudices of the 1920's and 30's. No intelligent debate around the use of Dagga in South Africa has ever been achieved because of the legal status quo and the resulting reluctance of people to stand out.

Dagga has great potential not only for industrial applications, but within the right cultural context and when approached with a constructive mind set, it can also provide a doorway to one's own mental and spiritual development."

Give thanks to Brother Jeremy Acton for this valuable input on the consciousness of our beloved Cannabis plant and indeed the plant truly is an 'entity'.

Why is Cannabis illegal?

Cannabis can and does heal mankind and the world physically, mentally, economically and spiritually. For me personally it is this potential to heal the world of all of its problems which keeps this plant illegal and controlled. It is this consciousness of the Cannabis plant to offer healing to the nations which the people who enforce these laws are also aware of and they choose to deny the plant to the public.

They have tried to remove the knowledge of this plant from society but the consciousness of the Cannabis plant will not allow this any longer.

These same people do not want people to explore the potential meditative benefits of Cannabis. The consciousness of Cannabis allows people to awaken their spirit and also makes people aware of the injustices going on in society.

"Cannabis brings us awareness that we spend a lifetime being trained to overlook and forget and put out of our minds."~ Carl Sagan​

Truly it is an outrageous crime against humanity and to our Mother Earth that the Cannabis plant is still illegal and out of the hands of the people of the nations and we remind ourselves that this world is in desperate need of the serenity, insight, sensitivity, fellowship and most importantly LOVE which the consciousness of the Cannabis plant can provide to humanity and ii truly believe that society will eventually accept the Cannabis plant in positive spirit.

Truly there really ought to be a worldwide moratorium on Cannabis laws and this will come about through the consciousness of this plant.

They also do not want this plant to be used industrially or medicinally as it has been done for thousands of years.

It is no coincidence that Cannabis prohibition and the advent of the pharmaceutical industry basically share the same timeline, the same timeline ii have realized as the advent of MSG and aspartame.

As the Cannabis plant waits humbly and patiently for due justice we can see this consciousness is getting stronger and stronger and eventually this plant will be free so it can continue in blessed love with its intended purpose to heal the nations.

Truly ii have heard horrific stories of what conspiracy theorists claim the system plan to do with this plant but just like our beloved bees it seems set that they would love to simply wipe our beloved Cannabis plant out rather than give it back to Mother Nature. Inventing synthetic medicines and foods, which are designed to block our natural Endocannabinoid production to spraying of plants with killer toxins.

None of this matters because the consciousness of this plant will not allow it to be crucified and ii can personally guarantee this long after ii leave this planet despite all the murder, persecution and demonization it has had to endure through the flame of fire and the legal and medical systems to which we look to for peace of mind.

It's a bold statement but Cannabis is only for the healing it simply does no harm...

Cannabis does not do any harm it is only for the healing. Cannabis cannot become destructive unless a human decides to disrespect their own mind and body by consuming more than they know they need for whatever reason but it seems obvious that people really do this as a form of escapism from this often cruel old world which they get by increasing their THC doses and there will naturally always be some people who wish to have stronger THC, greater 'highs' and stronger psychedelic experiences without the guidance of a qualified shaman or medicine person.

This is the same type of person that believes that LOVE involves affections for a person or animal or object for that matter and who makes them feel loved, satisfies them sexually, takes care of them, entertains them, pays their bills and makes them feel good all of the time they are together.

These same humans will tell you that they love this other person who does so much for them and that they wish to be with this person all the time so that they may feel good all the time. This is not love this is actually selfishness because the intention is self- gratification and not really about the other person at all.

What's love got to do with it?

Love is the universal feeling of togetherness...that is true love...to experience the feeling of oneness with the universe...this is what Cannabis does for us ... this is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant which is the conscious experience of unity, the consciousness of true unconditional love.

The consciousness of the Cannabis plant guides that when you use Cannabis it should only be with great respect, love, devotion and precision of purpose. Each time you use the holy herb it should be with the intention of seeking wisdom, healing, enlightment and a better understanding of yourself and this involves your purpose in this life and indeed the universe. This is true love.

This is where we look inside ourselves and ask the potent question "What kind of creature am I?" "How am I feeling?" "What am I doing here and what is my purpose in life on Earth?"

As a young girl ii remember my Elders saying "The Herb reveals YOU to YOU!" and truly it took me some years to fully understand this concept in relation to the effects of psychedelics and truly this is exactly what this plant does and more...so you look inside yourself and you contemplate your feelings and this is what aids the human to become closer to the Source or Spirit or his God and closer to becoming a better human of high moral intent and filled with love for the universe...this is the consciousness of Cannabis.

The only thing really worth contemplating is how we are feeling...Cannabis helps you to embrace your light and your darkness and always makes you feel better...and this increased feeling of positivity is what brings us enlightment and helps us to grow spiritually. This is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant.

Cannabis is most concerned about the universe and the lesson of universal unconditional love through acceptance of the idea of connectivity and this feeling of oneness with the universe which is the idea that we are all one and the same and part of the same consciousness.

This is the same consciousness which finds a person bursting into tears in the middle of the street for no reason and when questioned they can honestly say "I just feel so at one with the universe!"...this is true love and this is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant.

The holy herb is a sacrament to many and does not deserve to be disrespected and treated like a party drug. If you can respect the herb then you can respect yourself and everyone and everything else. This is the positive vibration which makes up the consciousness of the Cannabis plant which is that of LOVE.

The theory of minuscule dosing...

Consciousness gives this plant its potency and purity and this is exactly why we are developing the idea of minuscule dosing being the thought that only really tiny amounts of Cannabis is required for optimum mental, physical and spiritual development. Excessive use is not recommended for reaching mystical states as only small doses are sufficient to make the shift into a state of heightened awareness, creativity and even intellectual thinking.

Are we evolving to become one with the Cannabis plant?

Before 1990 not many people had heard about the Endocannabinoid system (EC System). A 'new' physiological system found in humans which got its name from the Cannabis plant. Either you can believe that we have always had this system, or we are then evolving and developing new physiological systems along the way. Or maybe the aliens gave it to us to save us but either way this proves that we are definitely getting closer to the Cannabis plant and this is precisely the consciousness of this of the holy herb.

The consciousness of Cannabis works on intention...

The consciousness of Cannabis allows us to imagine new and positive possibilities for our lives and as with most things in life it really is all about the intention we put behind our meditations.

Before you consume Cannabis you need to decide what effect you are intending to achieve, otherwise your subconscious will do this for you naturally through your EC system and the consciousness of the plant.

So for example if you wish to stimulate your appetite that is what the plant will do, if you want to get rid of a headache this is what the plant will do. If you consume it to ease your pain or to relax then the plant will help you to do this as well and the same goes for sleep, sex and recreation.

This plant wants to share universal truths with us by opening our higher consciousness to becoming more aware of being aware. The consciousness of Cannabis involves intention so in other words whatever your intention is for the help or guidance you wish to receive from the plant this is exactly what the plant will do for you.

Through its consciousness this plant becomes aware of your needs and immediately and lovingly gets to work and truly ii don't think ii have ever heard a person tell me that the plant did not work for a specific intention from period pain to cancer to depression.

Through the consciousness of the Cannabis plant we expand our own consciousness!

When we consume Cannabis, there is a strong tendency for the chakras to open wider to accommodate the increased flow of energy created by the high vibration of the plant and the frequency vibration of the Cannabis plant is very much part of its consciousness. It is interesting that there is research available on the frequency vibration of many plants but not for the Cannabis plant but ii feel confident that if anyone had to use a tuning fork on this plant the frequency would be either 528 or 432 Hz the frequencies of love and harmony. The reason why ii say this is because ii have had opportunity to bring music into my Cannabis gardens and ii choose to play reggae vibrations which vibrates to the frequency vibration of 432 Hz and indeed the plants always pick up on this vibration and the harvest is abundant in all aspects so in my mind it follows that this plant has the same frequency vibration and definitely it would not be a surprise if it turned out be 528 Hz the frequency of love.

Quite literally the consciousness of Cannabis improves the psychic connection from one person to another. So Cannabis consciously opens the chakras and raises our vibration to increase psychic power and connectivity. The chakra system is not a physical system but rather a system made up of aspects of consciousness and it certainly seems clear that it is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant which is required to ensure that this system functions effectively.

There is a definite relationship between Cannabis and spirituality since the plant allows us to open our minds to the understanding of the universe and everything.

Chronic stress reduces production of Endocannabinoids...

It is very much the consciousness of the Cannabis plant which displays the plants ability to alter human behaviour, mood perception and consciousness and often promotes the meditation of sharing, humour and creativity, and feelings of euphoria or positive vibrations.

Researchers have discovered that chronic stress in fact reduces the production of Endocannabinoids and so stress makes you Cannabinoid deficient. The consciousness which is the Cannabis plant peels back layers upon layers of stress and social conditioning.

So we now know that the EC system is responsible for the well-being of the Endocrine system so in fact the consciousness of the Cannabis plant is responsible for promoting homeostasis at every level of biological life, right from the sub-cellular, to the organism, and perhaps even to the community and beyond. This is the consciousness of the Cannabis plant within the human body.

It is no coincidence that the 7 spiritual chakras are directly aligned to the 7 Endocrine glands which they affect.

The position of the EC system as being an important regulatory system in the function of brain, Endocrine and immune tissues, quite literally makes the EC System a bridge between body and mind and by gaining an understanding of this system, we are beginning to see a physiological engine which can go a long way to explaining how our positive state of consciousness can promote our health in the same way as a negative state of consciousness can destroy our health.

If Cannabis has something to tell us, what's it saying?

Cannabis has earned the right to be respected, loved, adored, praised, and certainly the plant deserves to be explored in its entirety and it deserves to not be exploited but rather protected from the very people who are trying to keep it away from the nations.

If we treat this plant with love we will instinctively know that positive benefits and outcomes are guaranteed for the entire universe physically, mentally, economically, medicinally and spiritually.

This sacred and life giving plant wants us to know that it has a consciousness which we are quite able to communicate with and tap into if we can just open our minds. People need to recognize that we have evolved with this plant practically since the beginning of time and the Cannabis plant has quite literally followed mankind across the Earth from Central Asia since after the last ice age.

If you look around the world today you can clearly see that almost daily we are being surprised, delighted, amazed and indeed healed by the miraculous properties hidden inside this once globally forbidden plant. Cannabis is tired of being persecuted and our beloved herb is now more than ever before ready to step out into the light and shine in its natural glory.

Cannabis wants us to stop seeing ourselves as separate from the universe and from one another. The Holy Herb wishes for us to become aware of our connection to Mother Earth, other planets and the entire universe.

Cannabis is The Human Companion Plant :love:
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