Understanding Your High: The Effects Of Marijuana On Consciousness

This is such a great article, that I'm going to come back another time, in order to read it again.....The more one reads on a subject of enlightenment, like this one, the more good solid truth can be spread......Thank You very much for the time that was spent in putting this together.......................................TinyAgate3...
this place rocks,never ending stream of information on many fronts, just remember it's all about FREEDOM, and that needs constant protection, and patriot blood as thomas jefferson professed. sky high
Interesting you mention the priest of herbs, as Andrew Weil is. However, I think that there has been a noticeable shift in the good doctors pronouncements of the herb. Yes, he is very much on board the state's monopoly of medical marijuana. Obviously, Dr. Weil has not been immune to the political climate surrounding any discussions around the cannabis plant. I would have, in the very least, expected him to have remained a disinterested party. The medical marijuana lobby has a good lap dog in Dr. Weil, as his credentials speak for themselves; he would do well before any government-bureaucratic committee as a mouthpiece of legalize and medicalize lobby.
Such a boondaggle, this appeal to the state to "give" us our right to ingest! The Constitution never had to expressly mention the inalienable right to ingest drugs; it was already communicated in the right to property...of my person! Moreover, the Founding Father's never would have conceived of the scope and degree that medicine would play in the political and social scheme of things; but here it is, manifest and writ large in the war on drugs. What serves as good, it often turns out, becomes the greatest evil.

The slow erosion of our right to our person, and of a free market of all drugs, is now merely a historical blip, so it seems. On this, the slow progression of the state into our private lives, its incursions into our very bodies, was not effected in one fell swoop; just as a frog is said to boil alive if the heat rises slowly enough. I think the water is at a boiling roar, now.
Good Post man, I read the whole thing and can relate on many points. The article really helped me to understand my own thought process and mental state. The topic of pure awareness and conscious awareness and many other key points I found undoubtedly helpful in understand myself. I'm still a young dude, and have experienced my share of "Enlightenment drugs", and have my beliefs but I'm not gonna get into that.

I'm just lost for words throughout the day and kinda feel I'm stuck between a state of pure awareness and conscious awareness (Very much so i on the pure side)

"Once you realize that you know nothing, you can begin to understand everything"

I don't know about ya'll but the only thing I understand is my own perception.

Thanks for the read and you should look into a molecule called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) I've written 2 papers on it and am intrigued. If you liked this article and into furthering your grasp on perception and what you might think of reality check it out.

Thanks again for the great read!
Cannabis has never been a "party" drug for me. It's nice to smoke with dear friends but I find it more beneficial for my spirit. After daily tasks are done to my satisfaction, I can relax and examine my perception of life, myself, and others who are important to me. Focusing on the simplicity of the natural world around me and being a part of it helps me cast away those racing thoughts of anxiety society creates. I have to be careful though. If my mind is in turmoil, cannabis can sometimes magnify it, even with Indicas. Set and setting is important for me just as it should be for those partaking of psychedelics.

I am often saddened by the common disregard of innocence as if it were some sort of weakness. I regret the dishonesty I see in my mother and father. Their disregard for all the hard work I've put in to protecting their business is a regular plague to my mind. What helps is my return to a feeling of oneness with nature and animals. I can still remember the forests and creeks I spent all day walking through and examining life around me as a young boy. I remember the duty I put forth in my attention to livestock and my dogs. I still do and it preserves the thoughts and feelings. I want to retain it and apply those same feelings of freedom I had as a child to every day I have left in this life. Cannabis, in the way I use it, can certainly assist me with introspection, when a peaceful mindset and setting is accomplished beforehand.

Excuse the ramble. I enjoyed the article very much.
Amazing article. There is a new book out which mostly confirms these claims and explains the effects of a marijuana high, including the enhancement of episodic memory, pattern recognition, introspection, empathic understanding and the enhancement of our ability to produce insights: "High. Insights on Marijuana" by Sebastian Marincolo (dogearpublishing 2010). Highly recommended!
dude,this is awesome information. for so long,we only get false information on ganja. This kind of information will help society understanding more about ganja on positive way, rather than strong negative stigma of this plant..
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