Click behaviours on “Reactions”

Hi folks - the click actions/behaviours for the “Like” “love” “Laugh” etc for responding to posts seems to have changed overnight.

It used to be the case that a single click would just quickly add a “Like” to a post and if you want to tag a post w one of the others “Reactions” then a click-hold would show them all and you click on the one you want.

Today it’s working in the second way from just a quick click - so putting a quick ”Like” on just isn’t quick Anymore.

Tiny problem I know so not a major priority perhaps. It’s relevant every few seconds tho

I’m on iPad, safari (I know it should be Chrome - used to use chrome, used safarI now for months w no probs).

My iPad udpated last night so I realised it could be an ’internal’ issue at my end but I wanted to check if any changes got made.

I’ve checked all the settings o my iPad and nothing hass changed and there’s no setting that would effect this function. I’ve also browsed other websites and things are operating use the same as always.

Thanks TB.

Ive been tryin to think of another site or app i use that has a similar thing so I can see if the behaviour is different there as well. Can’t think of anything.

It could just be a new ‘feature’ in my iPad OS or safari. I’ll bite the bullet and reinstall Chrome and see...

Edit: well it’s not browser based. Chrome does it as well.

Either it’s an iOS thing or a change in the site.

That would be a better way to ask the question actually... @Marc Ocean - has there be any change made to the Reaction ‘button’ behaviours? Either deliberate or accidental.
@Amy Gardner
This is not a change in this forum's software. It's a change in iOS. There is already a bug report with the developers, so we'll see as and when they create a workaround.
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