Clone Dome

After a few days you can crack the bottom a bit to let some humidity out. As long as it is enclosed you may not need the bubbler part. I have very little natural humidity here. I use a tote that is similar to your dome. I spray once a day and the container has still holds beads of water on the sides but the leaves are not covered in moister. The big T-5 light heats the interior of the tote enough that I don't need more. Big light so that may differ for you.

I leave it covered for the first week only letting fresh air in when I sprayed the clones. After that I started cracking the lid letting in fresh air. If the sides dry out to much I just put the lid back on all the way. Best to keep covered if you are not there to monitor it. To dry and to wet are the enemy now.

Not sure what your floor temp is. getting the clones off the floor might do wonders if you need a little more warmth.
I was jus gonna say, maybe pull em up off that floor.
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