Clone Dome

Thanks AW! Great idea Travis :thumb:. My clone box stayed at 95% just by keeping the lid on though. High RH where I live. Think I had a .017% success rate in there though so I've moved on to other techniques. I'm around 80% success now which is fine given how little room I have!

:goodluck: with the clones!
I only used the dome bubbler for two weeks. It was literally the only way to keep the RH in the dome. Added benefit is I didn't have to mist the plants. And the bubbler pumped in air. Now that the clones are bigger I sure hope they can hanble the 20 to 30% range.
I'll tale some pics today to show the new growth.

One question. Is a 150w CFL ok for the clones to sit under to start their veg? Waiting on spots to open up.
Update for new cloning method.
Day 28 and it is getting crowded.
My only adjustment is going to be less water.

All untopped?
Nothing has been topped. And no more clones from the Kush bagseed. I'll continue with the hempy but want to try other strains. So next up is King Tut, original skunk #1 and Jack herer. They are fem photos so I'll get to try my hand at LST and cloning the tops on them.
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