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Cop steals pot, gets high, calls 911.


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I dont need to watch it again, but its friggin GREAT. Dude asks the lady what the score to some game is, I almost shit my pants....people cant handle their weed, almost sounds like it was laced with something...

Hrrrm, that might have been a different video. This one is a 911 call where the cop talks about eating pot brownies and he thinks he overdosed and says "I think I'm dead...and time is going by really really really really slow" and they cut back to the news reporters and they're cracking up, one of them even snorts. haha. :laugh2:

I cant stop laughing at this. If only the cop had been properly informed about pot he wouldn't have freaked out.

Edit: haha, I take that back man, its the same 911 call, just a different video. I just listened to the whole 911 call in a separate video. Dude wants to know about the Detroit red wings...rotfl. Brilliant.


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Yep - sounds like a Red Wings fan...:laugh2:

But seriously, for someone "overdosing" on pot, he has a hell of a short-term memory...:

"Do you have any weapons in the house?'



Ahahahahahaaha! Iv never seen that, its great!:allgood:

:peace: malibu

ps. I love how the news lady was laughin at the end of the story. hahahaha:laugh2:


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:19: What a gut buster...that Guy must have been using one of my recipes:adore: I think I'm dying......:rasta: Another Peace Officer has now crossed over to the Darkside & became one of us.


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Shit...I never use eggs, always instant mix. The smell of cooking weed and eggs is noxious at best.

I've always made brownies from scratch, and they always come out shitty. What do you do when you make them using the instant mix? Do you use cannaoil instead of cannabutter?


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lol, yup I heard the whole conversation on myspace.. That is funny he thought the whole conversation might have been a hallucination. Those "special" brownies really can be hella strong though.
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