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Damaged Roots Autoflower

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Its getting enough air, thats for sure..
Its the heat thats the problem causing the bad bacteria to grow. (Foshoe)

Right now i got a major decition to make... either try to transplant this girl into soil, after another good washing in the shower.
Or just wait until the 29th until I get my salory so I can buy this magic forumla that you are refering me to.

What im afraid of is that it will be too late by then, because It'll take a couple of days for shipping aswell.

Should I transplant or nah?
What do you guys think regarding this?
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I havent got a temp meter yet, but it's around 23-33 Id say.
When i wake up at the morning its quite hot. I try adding Ice before I go to sleep, it usually manages to keep cool. Especially now lately when I've added alot Ice

Chris Scorpio

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Do frozen water bottle, it helps

I've ran mine as high as 80deg and no issues, well it always ran at 80deg....lol

Gotta have the enzyme cleaners if yer running that high, or, you get what u have

I'd try and keep it cool till you can get the enzymes and stick it out
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Yeah I know, just messed up by being to early to germinate before I had got the packages I've ordered.

Hopefully it'll not die before I got my hands on some enzyme cleaners
I had the same problem when I first started doing DWC, until I started using Root 66. I swear by it. Here's whats in it. Organic based nutrient blend comprised of seaweed extract, trace elements, and disaccharides. Promotes well balanced root structure. I use it the first month when planting my clones and it gives the new roots all they need, along with a light dose of Advance nutes.
I agree with Scorpio about your bubbles....you should have a BUTT load in DWC. The more the better. Keeps those roots alive and happy.

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Is this little girl a retarded/stunned plant?

She had the seed stuck on her small leafs, and I had to remove it myself in order for her to grow.

While the rest seems to steadily start to grow, she seems stuck. Its only been a couple days, should I wait a bit longer perhaps?

There's a thin piece of film (they have a name for it :rolleyes:) that normally comes off with the seed husk. Check you seedling and if it's still on there, carefully pull it off with a pair of tweezers. Otherwise, it's hard to tell from the picture what's wrong with it.