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Dinafem Og Kush CBD Auto


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Hey Zogs. How’s it going?
Got anything interesting in your garden at the moment?
Hey DD, things are going good here. How about you ? You have a grow journal on the go ? Looking back we were talking about CBD strains, have you found any great CBD's you would recommend to try ? We haven't really found anything yet that beats the OGK from my original post.

Just finished Harvesting some Fast buds smoothie auto and a solo cup grow of Purple lemonade.
Day 82a.jpg

Day 67a.jpg

My current ladies are mephisto strawberry nuggets and Autoseeds Sweet CBD

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Wow they look beautiful!
I’m glad I asked!
I grew a cbd with the clunky name DrSeedsmanCBD30:1. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue.
Nice though, to have the cbd variety in the mix. I have another 2 weeks into flower and a candida as well for cbd. I’m liking the cbd, never having tried it. Can’t say that I’m recommending it though as I haven’t a reference point.
I harvested a bagseed reveg today and put another kush in to flower.
Good to see it going well for you. I do wonder from time to time.
I have the Stable Of impermanence in my signature. That’s my perpetual grow. I’ve got it ticking over now.
Good to see what you got going on, man.
Cheers :smokin2:
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