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Double perk bongs and warm water!


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Hey everyone...

I would like to share a technique that I have found gives me ultimate bong rips!!!! Most people I know use cold water or room tempature water for bongs but I tried a little something different that works even better. To do this you will need to have at least a 2 chamber bong, (or more)....

Take some hot water...if your sink water gets to the point of steaming this is good....if not heat up some water on the stove...not boiling hot...just were it starts to steam.... Fill the bottom portion of your bong with the hot water....(the beaker area on mine)....

Next take some cold, refrigerated water and add this to the top perks/chambers.

And last, add some ice to the neck of the bong...pack it and rip!!!

What I found this does is makes your weed even more flavorful as well as you can take even bigger rips..... it seems that the hot water creates a "weed steam" that goes up through your 2nd chamber, cools off and creates a nice cool moisture packed hit for your throat.... try it!!!

Just be careful because glass does expand and contract with warm and cold so don't use extremely hot boiling water...just water that is hot to the touch...

Lemme know what you think...

Wild Heart

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Re: Double perk bongs and warm water!!!!

Sounds like a good idea gotta try it with my new bong. It's got 88 percs.



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Mixing hot water and ice will crack most glass water pipes. ;)

Never had it happen yet, but definitely a good advisory!
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