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Drug test in 2 days - Help - I'm diluting


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Helloo I am a female 5ft 8 and 103 lbs with a very fast metabolism. I smoke almost every day with a few friends (decent sized blunt between 2/3ish of us) and sometimes a dime by myself before bed but I rarely smoke more than once a day and ive been burning for about a solid year straight. I have a pre employment drug test in 2 days. I had no idea i needed to take a drugtest but thankfully I stopped smoking last week. It will be 8 days of me not smoking and im praying to whatever creature that rules the universe that I will pass. :Namaste: My dealer who also surprisingly works on airplanes recommended naturally pure platinum and he swears by it. I know he has actually used it and passed 3 times but I cant help but seek out more opinions. Ive been doing my homework and it has everything in it that other threads claim to be a necessity when diluting your urine (b1 b2 b3 b6 b12 creatine and some other shit) You have to follow the directions to the T in order for it to work (not worried about that) but have any of yall used this? their website is naturallypure.com

What else can I do to ensure I pass? :thanks:


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I still recommend subbing with synthetic urine for moderate and heavy smokers. Dilution with a detox product is pretty sketchy at best. Works for some people but others it doesn't.
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