Dry Buds?


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For the longest time 1/4 oz of good ole swag would last me 3 or 4 days and burned much longer than the smoke today.
Dry or moist it was pretty much the same... long smoking..Not with the good buds tho. When it comes to the good nuggies I get, most are very dry witch is good because there is no weight lost to water content. But...
When it's really dry like that it burns really fast and the flavor seems a bit weaker. I don't get any higher from 2 or 3 bongs of swag than I do from any cronic I can easily smoke 2 to 5 grams a day no matter the strain unless its freshly dried and has a little moisture left in it. LOL..I pay more for my smoke than I pay for rent a month.

So my questions are...
Would putting my buds in a tobbacco humidor give the buds back a little more puff for the gram??? If so....
What moister level is best for buds? And will it destroy the high at all or even help re-hydrating a bone dry bud?

Sick of 300$ ounces......I want my cheap 60$ an ounce swag back, it may not have tasted the best but at least I had some money left at the end of the month.:tokin:
Try tossing a small piece of orange peel into your bag...it will provide a bit of moisture. I'm not fond of a humidor due to mold issues, but storing you bud in a glass jar - out of direct sunlight - with the orange peel will definitely help. :peace:
I rehydrate really dry buds by taping a small square of wet paper towel to the lid of a jar.
I check it every 4 hours or so. I take a 4 inch square piece of paper towel, fold it in 4ths so it is 1 inch by 1 inch and wet it with distilled water.

Good luck
Put a fresh mj stem in with it, or a piece of lettuce. I'd like to think I grow connoisseur bud so I don't want anything in with my bud that will affect the flavor or scent. If bud is too dry, the trichs break every time you touch it, and it burns up quickly while being much harsher than bud that's been dried, cured, and stored properly. HTH
Go with the humidor. You'll use it for years and it will keep your smoke at 60-70% rH which is ideal for smoking.

I've used a humidor for years. The key is keeping the weed away from humidfying device,if it presses against the device,you can get mold.

Do a web search for online cigar stores. A 50 count hunidor,that's how many cigars it should hold,for the double corona/Churchill size will run you 45 bucks and up before shipping. It will hold about QP comfortably. All you have to do is charge the humdifying element every couple of months. It's a sit and forget other than that.

BTW,used distilled water to charge it. Minerals in tap water can cause the humidifying element to malfunction.
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