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Elite Jungle's 2nd Journal: Wedding Cake & Gelato#41

Hi and welcome to my 2nd journal, in this journal I have added a few new things to the grow room by extending the air in with 8 inch ducting one side to the other with holes punched throughout in intervals and blocked at the end with cardboard to hopefully spread more air at the other side of the tent, a larger fan placed at the right hand side to blow across the canopy and another 600w HPS all my 3 lights are Sunmaster 600w dimmable ballasts, I have also set up small veg tent 1.2mx1.2m to hopefully have a turnaround every 10 weeks give or take.I also decided not to use the net this time just so I could rotate them.Some info for you on this next journey. I popped the seeds on the 6th of January they are wedding cake and gelato#41 from flavour chasers 100% germination using the soak in water for half a day or so and then damp paper towel between 2 plates for a few days, tap roots after a few days and then transplant the seeds with root facing downwards into small pots. As soon as it's head starts popping through the soil I pop them in a propagator (heated bottom) soil in the bottom and place pots inside and under a T5 light with 2 bulbs in trying to keep temps around 80-85f and then at 80%
Strain- wedding cake and Gelato#41
Veg around 4-5 month in on the 1st pics, seem to be stunting the plants early on not sure why
Coco and pebbles
15l pots
3x600w dimmable HPS
These around 55-60 can't seem to get it any higher
Temps trying to keep it as close to 80f as I can but weather has been insane and temps got as high as the 90's some days
Ph- 5.8-6.2 and adjusting as and when if too high at run off
Feeding 2-3 times a week and also ph'd water some days
Canna Coco A+B 20ml/10l water
Rhizatonic 20ml
Cannazym 20ml
Calmag once a week at 20ml

I had topped them once and then lst to get them where they are today which is when I flipped them to flower, the photos below are the 2nd week of flower

Everything looking ok at this point some fast initial growth on some of the phenos,hoping to find a keeper of each and introduce some more flavours as I go along,hopefully keeping enough harvested until the next batch comes down, before these were flipped to flower cuttings were taken from the lower branches around 4 from each plant, so 40 in total and I'm hoping to run these a couple of crops and find at least one keeper pheno. Had another problem early doors with too much nutrient being backed up in the soil, so flushed them in a larger bucket with PH,d water and fed with a low feed when needed checking on a regular basis not to overfeed again.

The photos above are from week 3 also ran into some problems with my lights, found out I can not run all 3 lights any higher than on the 400w setting, i introduced a 3rd light in the middle at the start of this grow as not enough light was reaching the middle of the canopy.I have it plugged into a 2000w corded extension with a trip switch built in and if I keep 2 lights on 400w and knock one up to 600w 20 mins later and it's lights off as it keeps tripping the extension cord, so where staying at 400w across the canopy.
These were taken at week 5 feeding at around 900-1150 ppm, trying to not over nutrient them as learned the hard way last time, temps have been a killer sometimes getting up into the 90's with this hot weather, rh has been 45-50's. I shaved the shit out of my plants on the previous run a little more than I usually would to be honest, but during the last run I also bought Jorge cervantes medical bible ( good read and some handy info to do with pests, learned about neem oil) and in there he says not to take one single leaf away, I have taken a few from the top to clear bud sites as usual but not shaved there legs and feel this has stunted bud production at the top so won't be listening to Jorge's advice on that matter again. Thanks for stopping by the dirty and welcome.

Some close up pics of week six

Some lovely smelling phenos on the wedding cake some cherries and sugary sweetness on a couple, not much stank from the gelatos, only one giving off that gassy smell, will be running these again to see what they can do anyway but I reckon outs the ten there may be a couple of keepers on the wedding cake and sad to say as things stand I don't think I will keep the gelatos going unless something miraculous awakens on the 2nd run. Have lowered the feed for the last week down to 1.0 on the EC, Rh down to early 40' s and under some days with the dry weather, gonna flush for two week from now with water only.week 7 the countdown begins.

Just flushing with water now giving a litre or two a day until chop

A few frost close ups before I take them down

And that's all folks, all in all was happy with the bud produced, I've heard wedding cake and gelato are not massive yeilders, but was surprised and only getting around 2oz a plant, did'nt think much to the gelato and after paying flavour chasers £130 a pack for 5 beans and spending 5 months plus invested in them and not recieving my 10 different free seeds to put in the collection from London seed centre with the order, not over the moon with the 1st run shall we say, onto the next run, Im going to invest in some led lights to hopefully solve the issue of the lights tripping out if I put them on more than 400w each and some other tweaks.
1st and last time I will buy from flavour chasers, the lineage of there wedding cake is Cooke doughx cherry og when the lineage I've read it should be is Gsc( f2)xcherry pie, my train of thought was they would be better quality final product, lesson learned. There was quite a bit of frost on all of the cakes, a couple had drainage problems so think I stunted them that's why I'm running email all again, thanks as well.

The Dirty

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Let's not take away from your grow. Your plants look great and will be a pleasure to smoke but yes buying a strain thinking it is one thing then turning out to be something else is a bit disappointing (happened to me also) but atleast you can completed a grow, the seeds germinated and last but not least they actually arrived in the first place.
Keep up the good work man.
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