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Fastbuds Blue Dream Smoke Report!

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Yooooo. Well down to business.
Blue dream... what a beauty.
She grew very well especially for an autoflower and she has delivered on taste smell and the all improtant effect.
She's had a 2 week cure so far and is on point already.
She is definitely a berry leaner rather than haze which i am happy with for that indica high but i woulda liked a real haze taste to her. Its there but its just in the back of the nose after a real hit of chemmy blueberrys. As i understand it from @Pennywise the silver haze pheno is harder to come by. Still got 4 seeds though ;) lol
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i use this much rolling tobacco on bottom and then about the same amount on top of the weed just to help it burn


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That's not mush at all.
Good im glad to hear that lol. I cant smoke other british peoples joints unless its my cousins or brother in laws... other british people cant smoke mine cos they couch up their rings lol.