Favorite mixes?


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What does everyone like to mix when they're feeling a little crazy some days ? I myself like smoking a tiny bit before eating a brownie , so I have a high to kill time while i wait for the explosive power of a brownie high and then smoking a lil more after the prime of the brownie high hits to feel pretty good . Not to mention it's great tasting too !

I also like smoking a strong indica and periodically take a hit of a strong sativa to roller coaster the indica high . If you get the timing right , it's a pretty trippy body experience :)
I only mix every single time I have more than one strain. It's like a signature move. Falcon Punch!
It all depends what I have and how long I have had it...

I seem to get "used" to a particular strain after a few days of smoking it steady and the effects seem to gradually become less and less. So when I have had a strain around for a few days or more, and have grown accustomed to it, usually I will either go for a blend...mixing multiple strains in my grinder...or topping it with some hash or concentrate...

When I first get a new strain, I never mix it. I want to taste the flavor, feel its effects by itself...helps me judge on if I will ever get it again...

When I want to just get blasted and watch a movie....I usually will sandwich everything I have on hand....keif, hash, a mix of strains, and if I'm lucky some honey oil or amber glass for the top....One rip of that mix will have your lungs calling 911....
One hit of that and your ass is sitting on floor for about an hour and then wake you up blazed out of your gott damn mind . I did something similar to that once and it was a hell of an experience :)
I'm also going to try everyones mixes they bring up in this thread , if possible . some sounds pretty fun
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