First All LED Grow - Advice Welcome

subscribed. lets start with the basics first, what is your pH your nutrient mixture is adjusted to? for soiless you want pH 5.8 and for soil you want a pH of 6.5 upward leaf curl is usually indicative of magnesium deficiency. you could try giving them some Epsom salts, id start with a teaspoon per gallon or 300-400 ppm. here is a cannabis leaf problem solver i hope this can help you.

Thanks for info king john ,
My landlord is concerned at the size of the tent and has offered to compensate me by buying me a bud box intermediate to use for now so I will collect that tomorrow as I sold my dr60, I think I will scrap my regulars and pot 1RQ Critical, 1 Delicious northern lights blue and 1 CH9 bubba kush 33, and space them under one 90w and when my auto finishes spread them under both plus the 50w and switch 12/12 figure I should stop playing with the regulars and start using ky collection of feminised seeds
sorry been a little busy with work here are some updated pics of grow so far I'm happy with the auto growth if not amazed its better than anything I've seen so far in this size pot let's see the final buds tho
Hey man just been reading your thread. I am running a 387watt led grow. Only doing the one plant first as need to work the kinks out lol. Am subbed for the long term.
Approx 3 weeks away from harvest day for my auto although I may give her an extra week I have re potted the big bud and Sleestack also into 12ltr rhizo pots and are looking healthy
As of June 25th I switched to 12/12 light cycle my lights are currently off but as soon as there up I will snap some new pics and decide if I start flushing my auto today or definitely give her an extra week. So pics will be up some time in the next 6 hours
look very nice, how long have you been planted now?
So sorry guys my landlord was done for tax evasion had to shut down my whole operation, just moved and due to restart in 4-6 weeks my plan is to buy a 300w led to a company my two 90w UFO's and use my 50w in my veg tent I will be doing 4 big Buddha the Kali and two cuttings undecided on strain atm as well as 3 sweet red poison autos in my large tent, should be all good this time no issues with landlords or anything
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