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First Grow! 5 Strains, 2100W LED, 2.4m x 2.4m x 2m

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Hello guys, suuuuper exited to share with you my first ever grow. Always wanted to grow having been an avid smoker for this many years I'm surprised its taken me this long! Been toiling through this website a silly amount these past few days trying to absorb as much info as possible and the thing that I've noticed most is how sound the people are in this digital community of stoners =)

I had 11 seeds to germinate and chose to go wit the peat pellet method. 9 of the 11 germinated after 4 days and I stuck them in the tent pretty much straight away.... I was so exited when they began to sprout that, that I moved a few of them from from their labeled spot on a tray in their peat pellets under a humidity dome to their new pots(mixed sizes) and when I moved them they were in my unlabeled hand and couldn't be sure which was which when I put them in the new home...

So the 9 that are going are:
1x OG Kush
2x Royal Gorilla
2x Critical
2x Somango XL
2x Special Queen
(got all my seeds from RoyalQueenSeeds)

Im growing in a biobizz light mix soil perlite mix at around 15-20% perlite for seedling stage and planning an allmix perlite mix for veg/flower. They are under 3 600w viparspectra LED's + 1 300w Kingbo LED. Currently just using 1 600w + the 300w in veg mode hung at 110cm. I noticed they both emit slightly different colours being different brands and thought fuck it, my babies might appreciate the added spectrum or some shit =)

Temperature is between 17 degrees at night and 24 in the day with a humidifier running keeping it 40-60 RH... Got a 6" extraction going 24/7 with no intake just letting the air come through its vents at the bottom. And a circulation fan that runs 24/7 that keeps the little guys dancing =)

.... at first I was watering every day as the seedlings were sprouting and they seemed to be growing a little slower than all the video's and threads I'd been keeping up with. I realized after reading various threads here that its a pretty common 'over loving' issue with new growers so I hung back on watering until the pots were mostly dry and the plants seem to be liking that. Giving them nothing but PH'ed bottled water from the get go in the range of 5.8 to 6.5.

So this is the ladies as of day 16 from germination :Rasta:

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girls at day 16


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You'll get much more traffic and generally better feedback with larger (viewable) photos...the next thing you'll hear is...no blurple! :)


No blurple? Cause of the light from the LEDs? Thanks again... I'll post an update ina couple of days, hopefully it's a more successful post

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Was wondering, if anyone can offer their advice.... how long should these guys stay in their current pots before I transplant them I to their 10g smart pots. 4 of them are in 1g smart pots and 5 if them are in the smaller plastic ones so may have different transplant times I guess...

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Here are the ladies at 20 days old and man I'm well chuffed to see that they are all healthy. Thinking about transplanting the further developed ones tomorrow seeing as some of them are working on 5th and 6th nodes.... pretty apprehensive about doing so and wondering how they will take it.

This is the biggest of the bunch so far. One of the Royal Gorrila's =)

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Just a quick update feels like forever since I posted and its only been 6 days ladies are looking good at 26 days old. I moved them into their 10g smart pits 4 days ago and they all took it pretty well thankfully =). I've been reading up a lot about the lights that I have been using and up until now I've been running them with just the veg switch turned on but have decided to but the bloom switch on now also... we'll see how they respond

Ps - if anyone has any experience with biobizz all-mix soil and could let me know if they used nutrients with it and how it went etc I'd appreciate the advice ✌
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