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First Real Grow - Looking for Advice


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so this is my first real grow and I just got a good camera and I am 2 week into flowering I vegged for a month and a half under 250 actual watt cfls at 5000k with a couple 2700k with pro blend nute with 3/2/4 NPK fed with every watering, I am also playing around with a small hydro no ppm or anything like that just getting a feel for it. I had it in a 2 foot cubic box with co2 from yeast reaction all veg then moved to closet for flower. I added more light now running 410 actual watts cfl with mostly 2700k and some 5000k at 32,000 lumens and my nute are dr. earth at 2/7/2 and I have added calmag throughout entire grow plz any input or question wanted.


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If all looks good with your girls keep on growing. Take some pics and post them if u have any troubles , you will get answers very quick that way.:) do u have any specific questions u would like answered?

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