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Garage Attic Grow Small Buds


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This is my first grow its real cold up there was 39 when I shut em off there like 6 weeks into buddin had em outside now there up in my attic will the cold stop there growth how much yield u think illget it over 5 foot n has a lot of bud spot there just not nice buds idk how big the buds will get nything I can do need help how long do u think they got left its gonna to be gettin colder n idk if they will live got like 8 cfls on em thanks for the help please comment


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nice attic plant! im new here, i think im doing it wrong, all these journals have 1 post, i need 50 posts before i can have a journal so im just saying hello, i hope im doing this right, i want to follow some journals before i start my own, thank you


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Think them buds are almost done you need to try keep them at a stable temputure or they will hermie on you and that would be a disaster lol. Good luck keep posting :)

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