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GermanHuskies Small Grow


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I left a crappier forum to come join this one so sorry guys you wont get to see the grow from seedlings.

Well as I have stated before, I am not the most experienced, but I am learning and I don't mind help/criticism. Right now I think my plants are suffering from heat stress or a PH issue. I didn't use the best soil(time released nute crap), just crap I had laying around, but it's been working so far. I bought 7 gallon smart pots to help combat the heat stress, but they wont be here until next week. I am also going have to add more soil to fill out the 7 gallon smart pots, so I was going to make a mixture of 1/3 perlite 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 promix(don't know which one yet) but may substitute the promix for some Fox Farms ocean forest or something.
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I say dig 6 really big holes in that gass back there and grow them big. If your wife or mom complains, say you will sod the area at the end of the season.


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Maybe this will help. Looks like a lack of nitrogen? Maybe? Can't really tell.

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