going on 11 weeks of veg. too cold to bud


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started them after thanksgiving. and have been in veg 20/4 since around the 3rd of dec.. nirvana wonder woman fem seeds.
massive bush and massive stalks. waiting for warmer weather before flower.
intake air is too cold most of the time. im wodering about space they are already huge and very thin long hairs at every node.
should i run an electric heater for dar cycles on a timer so it will heat every hour then off an hour. that would keep it around 65 during dark. 6 hours of electic heat is very expensive. itll be like paying for the money you save from growing it. so maybe well veg till march. any suggestions?
i know there going to explode if put on 12/12 i only have 4' of clearance.
and they're 5 gal buckets. theyre 18" and16" now.
should i wait till spring? or just lstd the hell out of them?:)
i really wanna bud these girls. thanks sully
Sully if your at 65 during dark then flower flower flower, surely your light temp is round 75-80? My temps are near enough same and mine are fine:goodluck:
:tokin:to maintain 68 during dark the electric heater must be used half of the time.
12 hours dark will equal approx. 6 hours of running a 1350watt heater .
thats more than my lights. thats very costly. plus a1000 watts of light.
thats my problem. but it may warm in a week or so. even a 15-20 degree increase in temps. would take care of this problem. its still about 18 below normal temps. it should avg. 36 degrees this time of year but its been in the teens during the day and single digits at night. even below zero.due to radiational cooling.90% of ground suface is white snow reflecting the sun.
so the ground never warms. its bumming me out. i need a vacation. somewhere warm.:)
thanks sheff.
i did pull some clones off it at week 6 . now 6 woderwoman clones and 1 ak-48 and 1 master kush at around 4 weeks of veg. i plan on flowering tham all at the same time, but save some clones for outside grows. ill use cfls for that. in a cabinnet growing area im working on.
got 2 400 watt hps lights, 3 12watt led blue bulbs,and 3 6500k cfls. for the bud room. ill change the leds to red/blue and the cfls to 2700k.
i wanna go back to cali. oc mission viejo. to be exact. i miss it.
one good thing about wonder woman you can get 4-5 oz's per plant.
with 14 weeks of veg and 10 weeks of budding i expect a good yeild. and dont wanna mess with it
they are female. and can keep them on veg till it gets warmer outside. then i can put them on 12/12 and have outside on sunny days to save electricty. but they are mini trees at this point.
i do want the most yeild ive ever had w/ these 2 ww plants. they are a rich dark green healthy.
tarantula and pirahna were added last night. with floralicious plus folair. FF nutes: big grow, tiger bloom, big bloom, gh cal mg+pineapple sweetner 0-0-1, molases,. use spray-n grow- on the mk and ak/ clones. earth juice grow 2-0-0. and distilled water
You sound like you expect your heater to run all night without shutting off.
I suggest that if you have any insulation in your room and if your heater has a thermostat to adjust temperature, the usage will not be quite so much.
And run it at a low setting, 500 watts or less.
What size is the room? Maybe you do need the 1350w if it's a big grow room.....

Do you need to run the vent fan all the time or can you shut it down at night?
And remember, the plants can tolerate temperature variation with the foliage easier than the roots, maybe you can just keep the planting pots warmer?

4ft of headroom isn't much, if none of the above options sound good, then I'd flower and lst and anything else I could come up with.
An old gardener
hi oldgardener
good point w/ the heater. its 3x8/ x5' 10" high.
and they are very tolerable to their conditions.
yea its intake air during the day. ive diconnected and reconnected so many times. but you have to do what is needed. im afraid of freezing soil.
but the forecast is looking good in 2-3 more days.
i just set to 12/12 and will use the heater till the temps get warmer. which looks like later this week. but like you said they are very tolerable because they look so heathy and have been sujected to some pretty cold conditions.
and just lst the hell out of them. they do need a trim. but ill wait till they stretch a little before doing that.
thanks old gardener i feel better hearing it from you.
ive seen your journals. i think you were growing bubblious outside? along w/ some other strains.:thanks:
:)should i do a 24 darkness period?
nah went right into 12/12. cal mg+ molases, fruint n fussion GH , and FF tiger bloom/ big bloom also. got some open sesame for the next watering.
thanks. i guess ill post on the budding cycle now.
Hi sully,
How are they looking?
BTW, please don't think I'm an expert....that's not the case.
Actually, I think you may have me confused with someone else.....I haven't posted any outside journels, and no bubbleishis.....
I'll be watching for your results :goodluck:
yea it got you mixed up w/ old man med i think. they look awesome 19 inches and starting to pre flower. added some cha ching and open sesame FF.
but they are so dense and thick stalks and stems. i trimed them,but it looks i didnt do a thing. so many new nodes and leaves.
3 days in flower, i know its hard believe but its has grown approx. 4 inch in 3 days. sinse 12/12

running the heater on a timer so i comes on every other hour.
so i dont worry so much now about the temps or the electric so much.
i think it runs 4 hours out of 12. but still is not on heating mode 4 hours actually. but thanks bro for the info.
in the winter i run my 12/12 from 7PM till 7am...... so its on at night when its coldest..

in summer i run the same so it doesn't get to hot...,,enjoy you harvest!
sometimes it does'nt matter whether or not it's day time. its been so cold during the day too.
the spring/ summer is awesome to put them outside for light. then inside for dark. yea mon
it also gives possitive vibrations ( bob marley) from the blue spectrum that longer sunlight makes when its around june 21st. the longest day of the year.
my wifes birthday too. the only day where tide is highest for creatures like tortis babys to run to the ocean. thats always a good day. almost 16 hours of light. ill be doing some outside till oct. also
and good day for harvest. thank you. happy growing
thats what im shooting for. ill flower till its 70 percent amber.
10-12 weeks. 12 of veg 12 of flower. we'll see what happens.:cheer: grow wonder woman grow.
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