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Greetings from Colorado!


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What a beautiful afternoon. My name is Bud and I just moved to Colorado a few months back. I grow indoors legally and love my rootsorganics in soil. My favorite strains are GDP, stardawg, OGs and all things chemmy. I am eager to get some locally sourced seeds in Colorado to start expanding my grow knowledge. If anyone knows of any good sources for seeds in Colorado, please point me in the right direction.
I have been looking through the few places I can find seeds locally when I'm shopping, but it seems that a lot of these seeds are from elsewhere and not those good Colorado genetics I'm looking for. I have been looking online and found one seed bank that sells genetics from here and I've been researching them through the net, but haven't been able to find much about them here on 420 Mag, so I'm not sold yet.
I'm hoping to find some good genetics through help here, share my grows, give and receive help and contribute to the community where ever possible.



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:welcome: to :420: Bud:48:I'm Bud...MochaBud :ciao: we have sponsors for seeds and such that give discounts to members here :thumb: might wanna check 'em out :nomo: Herbies has a HUGE selection of breeders and strains, my go to place :slide:

BTW...The "MochaBud Express" is a journal about those stains :yummy: if you're interested

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Welcome. With a name like Bud this was your destiny.


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Will do. I am looking for seeds specifically from the USA. I just started a thread asking about the one I made a purchase from (greenpoint Seeds).
I've ordered from Herbie's before with no problem. They are great!
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