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Growing males


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Hi everyone, im pleased to join you, ive been reading these forums for a while and they are by far the most useful ive seen. Ill do my best to add something to this experience. :cool027:

I'm about to order 2 packs of regular seeds from nirvana, bubblelicious and white widow.

I was thinking about keeping the males alive outdoors, while i nurture my females indoors. That way i could use then ornamentally and later on i could fertilize some females to either produce more seeds of the same strain or try to create my own strain.

What do you think? How long can a male stay alive? Would they fertilize the females even if they are indoors?


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I just saw this unanswered post bro, and I wish I had the answers for you. A male can live a long time, like 7 to 0 months, depending on climate and lights and the light cycle.

It would be very unlikely, but still possible for the male's pollen outdoors to make tis way to the females indoors.

I suggest you post this question again, somewhere else in a different forum thread here, and get some better answers than I can offer.


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I thought males could be perennial. That'd be cool, i could use them to decorate my garden.

But theyre not, so i went and ordered feminized instead, ill clone from those. Maybe in the future ill order regular and try some mixing to see what i get. But ill wait till i have more experience in this.

Thanks bro, your answer is very much appreciated.


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I'll help even though it's a little late, when it comes to the average male they are fast to grow, fast to flower, and first to dye off. They want to be taller than the girls so the pollen will assimilate more effectively. You'll notice them by how they seem to grow much quicker than everything else. Then they'll show weird looking flowers that look like micro bananas, soon as they are there they will flower and do so for about the next two maybe three weeks. And if they were outside, the indoor girls would be just fine as long as your cautious, but don't be paranoid cause girls can pollinate themselves, which too results in majority feminized seeds. Hope this helps, good fortune, peace
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