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Happy Friday! I'm new & excited to start indoor gardening!

Jade Dragon

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Hello There!

My husband and I are starting to grow indoors with the first time together. My husband has grown indoors for dispensaries, but I've only help with some friends with their indoor gardens in the past. We are really excited to get everything set up. All of main equipment should be arriving and ready in the next couple weeks from the land of the interwebs. My husband has always grown with soil and 600 or 1000 watt Metal Halides or High Pressure Sodium lights. However, we decided to try something totally new to both of us. We are going to be using 3 Solar Storm 440 watts LED lights with a 6 bubble flow bucket hydroponic system. So far we haven't been able to find anyone else who has posted a garden similar to what we are planning. Therefore, I'm excited to share our progress in a grow journal on here once we get started. We both have lots to learn as we undertake this project. I hope this community can help us make our grow the best it can be.

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