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Have extra clones and...


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since my flowering plants right now are almost at the end of their two weeks, i wanted to put the clones in the 12/12 room as soon as I can. A few of the 10 clones already have roots out of the rockwool. I was thinking as soon as all of them have rooted nicely, i would throw them in a 2 gallon pot with hydroton and place them in the flowering room. Would it work to not have any water pump hooked up to them, and just water them by hand once or twice a day, and let the water run off. Would the roots dry out too fast if I did this. I could create something to cover the top of the hydroton so no light would get to the bottom, then just lift it off when I water them?? Would this work or would I be wasting my time? As I said, these are extra clones so i might as well try to do something with them.
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