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Healthy or No?

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Are these normal looking plants for 4 weeks? The 2 largest ones (skunk) are almost 4 weeks and the smaller ones are 2 weeks. I showed someone else and they said it looks like their underwatered and need nutes? I've got a bunch of dead fish decomposing right now that I plan to add in some natural soil to transplant these plants to because right now their all in MiracleGrow Seed Starting Mix. The 3rd small one is the one I'm really worried.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I think I'm either overwatering them or underwater but it seems they get dry real fast with the 100% humidity and 90+FH temperatures here. When the soil seems dry I always water is that a bad thing or is it fine for them to go without water for a day?
miracle NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yet again , Get them out of it , ive read so much about MG its deadly , change your soil give them good water, then feed 1/2 strength of nutes in a week ,is the soil slow release?? if so every time you water you feed, its almost impossible to flush ,

good luck


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I made the MiracleGrow mistake myself. Trust me, you'll be happier when you switch to plain soil. I tried that same seed starting mix, it doesn't absorb water well at all, then when it does take water, it holds it too long. It's great for gardening, and flowers, but it just doesn't work well for Cannabis. Lots of people have tried it, and pretty much everyone has serious problems with it somewhere along the line.


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Antics is right on all points. That seed-starting mix is junk. It is too hot, and your seedlings are showing "nute burn" from too much nitrogen. And watering is almost impossible once it dries out a little. They still look pretty good, so before they die move them to a good-quality, organic potting soil, with an analysis like 0-0-0, and they will be fine.
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When I move them to different soil the big ones probably have alot of roots, can I tap the side and get a big clunk out and put into the new pot with soil? Or should I try and remove all the loose miraclegrow soil from the roots as much as possible? I am not sure on the PH level of the water I'm having to order a PH checker online so hopefully it will get here anyday. I've just been using filtered tap water/tapwater/rainwater so your probably right about the PH problems. Future refrence should I be using just tap water (I bet it has a good amount of iron and sulfur in it that would be good for the plants) or filter it? Thanks for the replies!


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Carefully unpot the plants, gently remove as much of the Miracle Grow as possible without breaking any roots, then repot into your new stuff. Rain water is very good, but tap water is fine, unless you know otherwise. If you are growing in soil you need not worry too much about the pH of your water. Soil is a natural buffer. Remember this: basic horticultural principles solve many more problems than high-tech solutions. Plant right, pot right, water right, give good sunlight, feed sparingly, and you will be successful!

Keep us posted, and enjoy your plants. They look real nice for only 4 weeks old.
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Yeah I noticed the less I mess with them the better they grow. I moved the small one to the new soil drenched it in rain water then let it sit a few days and gave it some nutes today looks like it finally started growing again and the green brightened up so I'm happy with that. The super lemon haze seems alot harder to grow then the skunk (big ones are skunk 2 small ones are super lemon and the bushy small one is critical.


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Yeah I noticed the less I mess with them the better they grow. I moved the small one to the new soil drenched it in rain water...
Don't water-log them, just water moderately until the roots are established, or they might die from over-watering. Air needs to be able to move through the soil, as well as water, or they will rot.
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Not sure yet I moved just one of them to test it out in the new soil. I took it out the pot and got as much of the dirt off as possible there was alot of small roots so alot got broken off but the rootball or whatever stayed intact with a good amount of roots left after I shook off as much dirt as possible. So far it looks good still but the leaves seem limp now possibly they just need more water as that miraclegrow junk stayed damp always and this one seems like it dries out on top very quick. I'll post a picture of it in the morning I hope moving it didnt kill it cause it was doing good in the miraclegrow.
Yep, avoid the MG, add some perlite to your 0-0-0 soil, use a feed, water, water, water, feed schedule, and don't over-water - give those babies a chance to dry out and get those roots searching about. As for feeding it's far better to add when you start to see deficiency than it is to recover when you see burn.
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Heres an update pictures the one I moved the leaves seem crispy and curled up and the bottom leaves are dieing now. I think it's this soil it has woodchips and stuff in it I'm going to goto tractor supply and try to find something better soon to move the new ones in. The last 2 photos is the ones I moved. It's also been raining nonstop for the past 2 days so I've had to keep them on the porch out of the rain just moved them back outside.


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They have recovered very nicely! Well done! Your potting technique must be very good.

One or two dead leaves is nothing when you consider that they were repotted before they were well-rooted. Don't worry about your soil. If it was bad, your plants would not have recovered so well. Forget the fancy specialized stuff. Good potting soil is good potting soil, regardless of how much you pay for it. :;):

Now that they're growing again, don't overfertilize. It's the kiss of death to recently disturbed plants.

Keep us up to date as they grow. You're back on track.
I think it looks good...especially for outside grow....I have 3 that r only 6 days old....and indoor so they just have first or second leaves coming out....im a newb and im learning cuz I like to grow...nothing better than having ur own crops
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Very bad time to transplant it though as theres been no sunlight in 3 days its been raining non stop hopefully tomorrow it can finally get some heat. It literally started pouring 30 minutes after I transplanted it and hasn't stopped until tonight hahaha. Thanks guys. Good luck slag they will amaze you if its your first grow it did me especially. Its crazy how they move towards the sunlight and perk right up then at night they droop down like the one in the picture almost like they are sleeping.


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Very bad time to transplant it though as theres been no sunlight in 3 days its been raining non stop...
Consider yourself lucky, that's perfect conditions for a newly potted plant! No heat stress, plenty of time for new roots to grow. Just don't let it get water-logged, or beaten down by heavy rain.