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Heat stress or some form of alien sickness?help please


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hey gents, thanks in advance to anyone who has an idea of whats going on here.

the grow is Gigabud, PC, Kandy Kush and Critical + and six clones of something that I took from an unknown mother which is the 28th day of flowering.

all pics are today before watering

soil is MG with perlite added(I know I know but can't afford the FF price)
lighting is 48 900 lumen cfl 2700k home made light with lights sideways
have good airflow
PH is ranging from 6-7
no nutes until today

I had a heat problem for about 3 days that was well above 90 in my room. I was having a real hard time gaining control of the day night fluctuations in temps, I have them contained now in the 75-85 range. The pics show some heat stress(I believe). I didn't have any problems except for a night time cold issue in the first couple days of the grow. I remedied that and had some purple stalk issues on my clones but they are fine except for the new heat stress which is less worse on those. all the plants under this light got the same issue at the same time. the lights were a couple inches away from them and have since been moved up a few inches more to give them a little break. I added very slight 5-1-1 Alaska fish emulsion and a small amount of UN-sulfured molasses in the watering today. when I say slight I mean like an eighth of the recommended amount, this is the first time I have used nutes at all, so very cautious. Of course this is probably me going into a foaming at the mouth frenzy over nothing but hey....what do ya do. thanks for any help or knowledge peace:reading420magazine:


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Right my man this is a tricky one that's why there is so many views and no response when I grew in soil I refused to use anything with slow release ferts because if you do t water evenly and regular you do t know how these ferts are being released .in the middle of you plant I was thinking over fert and the edges I would say feed because of the heat rising you would of watered more because your pot will dry quicker so then the slow release ferts are released faster if that makes sense .if I was you I would flush the shit out the soil and start again with some nutes also could be to do with humidity which also causes red stems brown spots because if to low locks out potassium which intern locks out calcium and so on .how often do you water how do you water what is your humidity


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alright, this is what I got. the temps are around 80-82 in the main room with a humidity of 37%. the closet my mother in flower is in is 80 with a humidity of 41%. she is doing absolutely wonderful. Will low humidity be a culprit? Ive read to high humidity can cause all kinds of problems, but I imagine good temps with low humidity can be a punch in the sack too.

I am going to try and get the humidity around 50% and do a flushing on one plant to see what it does. now I just watered a 2 days ago and the soil is still moist, will that cause an issue and should I flush and rewater with vinegar ph lowered water just in case the lime in the mg is raising the ph?

I am thinking I have a lockout of some sort going on but not sure

what do you suggest for nutes? I have 5-1-1 fish emulsion and some MG 20 20 20.

and thanks for the response. with one doing so well its hard to have these issues and really no knowledge on how to fix it


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Fatty, thanks for the help, flushed like a Robert Redford chic flick, fed 1/2 strength 5-1-1 last night, looked good thid morning, this afternoon absolutely amazing...I was pulling my brain through my hair follicles trying to figure it out...I am very new at this growing thing and am in a not allowed to grow state. yikes

heres a couple pics of my set up and what I got. I do have a question that just popped up when I got home I got a Kandy kush seed and just one from a bag my girl had. is this thing flowering? its about 4 inches tall. this just appeared after the fix. is it possible a auto flower? no experience on this

Zoot, thank you for the help, I studied that image for a long time and nothing on it looks like what I got at all. the closest thing was a manganese issue or a potassium def. but things are going much better. thank god I got great ph tap water

30 days into flower

this is the Kandy is that a flower??


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just a quick update on this. the problem kept up after the flush...I transplanted in pro Mix bio, added some 5-1-1 and waaalaaaa super green plants reaching for the heavens...thanks for the help my friend


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ok so here is the result of and oil change lol...these are pics of the same sickies above. there are all deep green like the middle photo(sorry about the lights...too lazy to move). absolutely amazing what good soil can do for my ocd...oh yeah, they just showed me their nips...ha ha.. all females... hell yeah!!!!...... thanks for all ur help

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