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Hello, everyone!


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Hello !
I am a 19 year old from Iceland, so great to be on here !

Let me start off by saying that I am a very infrequent smoker... I smoke 3 times a year, tops... It's only for the biggest celebrations.

I hope that doesn't affect your view of me... It's just my choice.

However, next weekend, I'm going to buy 3 grams of the strongest stuff you can get here in Iceland... I have smoked 10 times tops in my lifetime, so I'm a total newbie, but was wondering... what do you recommend ?
I've been told that AK-47 is great for intense artistic creation... is that true ?

I have 2 friends that are daily smokers, and that's where I'm getting this stuff from... supposedly some gardener out in the country grows this weed.

I feel like such a dork... but I'm really excited, I haven't smoked since March, so this oughta be good... Payday is next friday and I'm gonna go grocery shopping for probably 100 bucks for the whole weekend ( groceries are expensive here ( I always think "oh, wow... I'll never eat all of this" and then I do... in 20 minutes ), so I gotta make sure I'm set for the weekend and then I'ma buy 15 cheeseburgers from McDonald's, get Super Troopers, Harold & Kumar, Pineapple Express and all of those classic stoner movies and just chill...
Working 13 hours a day every day until the weekend, so I'm going to spend the whole weekend totally baked.
Can-Not-Wait !

Sorry for my essay... It's just that I've been reading a lot of threads and everybody here is so nice and welcoming... love it.

Can't wait to check in with you guys next weekend, tell you how I'm doing and reading how you're doing.

The sunday wake 'n bake is something i've never done before and I'm looking very much forward to that, too.

Any advice for a newbie ?
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Re: Hello, everyone !

Never smoked AK but I have always heard good stuff about it!
You can read on all kinds of tested strains in this section. I am sure you will find something to suit your needs:
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Welcome to the 420 Mag family... it's great to have you w/us. :welcome:
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Re: Hello, everyone !

i love ak47, its bomb, especially fresh...i love to paint , but honestly i dont recall painting anymore intensly because i smoked ak rather than sensi star ...or whatever, i just know after years of smoking town brown i went to amsterdam and smoked ak for the first time and fell in love...youll deffinitly enjoy it..your pretty lucky actually when i was 19 the ganja we smoked was laughable, like i wouldnt even be able to inhale it now..mexican brick dirt...the herbs today are amazing.thank god for californias growers.
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