Help needed - Building my first DWC

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G,Day All. I have a tote,Length 51cm+Width37cm+Depth28cm, with a total capacity of 40lts,20lts of which will be the nutrient reservoir.I will be growing only 1-Autoflower at a time.My research on this has given me multiple answers.First is,what size Net Pot should i use ? and in relation to the "nutrient" level,where is the "Bottom" of the NetPot situated, is it submerged, level with,or above the nutrient level ? and by how much ? Thankyou.


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You can use any size pot. Since the rez is where your rootmass will be thats what matters. Ive used 3" pots and they were fine except the lips were flimsy and they fell into the bucket when the girls got heavy. Now i use the 6in or 10in lids for 5gal buckets.
As far as water level... Depending on what youre starting your plants in, you want the water level 1 or 2 inches above the bottom of the net until roots come out of the pot then drop your level to a few inches below the bottom. I usually keep a 2 or 3 inch air gap once my girls are mature and have a good root structure.


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Yes, Lazarus is right. Also, you'll be able to slide the lid over easier with a 4"-6" netpot for res maintainence.

Be sure to add an air stone or two if you haven't yet. You may even like the air diffusers some of us members use.

Good luck!