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Help with plant hanging to dry


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Hi guys

I have been hanging my second CBD Critical mass for 4 and a half days, for 4 days all the mid sized fan leaves where sill attached. Due to our RH going up to 65 and temps around 18 20 and rising here in sussex England I tried to get some more air flow, I just checked on her to find there is a hint of hay, however she is not dry and the buds are still damp to touch on the out side.

My other plant same genetics was cut 2 week earlier and did't have this smell in fact there now in the jars and curing nicely.

Could the smell on this other pant be due to taking longer to dry due to the RH we have at the moment ? and more importantly will it go. Do you think I should cut to individual stems now to ?

I have her in a small room with the door open and fresh air coming in with a fan on low blowing away from the plant.

This is her below


Any suggestions or am I just worrying for nothing.

Big thanks as always.


Fuzzy Duck

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You might be worrying a little to much ?

I'm from the same part of woods but a different county :3:

I generally find with these sort of conditions drying may take 10 to 14 days on average in till stem cracks with out fully breaking & then it is time to start the curing process.

Well ye the bud will always smell like damp hay in the beginning of drying & the aroma picks up after several days or so with a good slow air dry.

Mmm RH 65% you can more likely get away with that... just 70%, 80% plus could be risky as bud root may set in & more of a problem when plant material is still very wet or the first few days of drying etc

I found some info on Dinafem seed site about drying & have been using a similar method for awhile now !

First 3 days dry at 40% to 50% RH with temp around 21c this helps avoid rot due to lower RH & the temp.

The remaining period 50% to 60% is fine temps around 19c.

I use a dehumidifier to control RH in the first few days & the rest of the time the ambient RH of the house sits around 60% give or take a little or what the weather is doing.

Temp is a little hard control tho & mainly so when it gets warmer but on average around 20c to 22c the best part of the time.

I'm reasonable sure you are with in good conditions.

Dan Ultra

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Sounds like your conditions are fine, they just need a little longer.

Like FuzzyDuck said, the stems should *SNAP* but now break off. If they just crease and gold over, then it needs more time to dry.

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Nice plant and good strain i love CBD in the morning i never had CBD Critical mass do you know off hand what the THC% CBD% is i got some Mango Hasze now its 9% THC 18%CBD
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