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Took it off of schedule 1!!! That is the huge thing. In my mind, this is the lynchpin that holds the whole silly prohibition against marijuana together. Recognize first that the plant is not harmful to the farmers or our economy and next it is a small leap to recognize that the isolated female plant, Sensimilla is also not going to harm anyone. Now let's get MMJ off of Schedule 1 and this thing is going to take off! Do not let up on your politicians... now is the time!
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As we go on and on bitching about this president or that president or our elected officials, have we really stopped to think that maybe we, the Cannabis users ourselves may be just as much to blame here? Think about it for a minute, there are tens of millions of us that could be forcing the issue but in all reality, how many of us really go out of our way to really put up a fight for it?

It's real easy to sit back and hope someone else will stand up for your beliefs and ideals but none of this will ever get resolved until there is a tidal wave of people demanding it day after day until they cave in under the pressure.

We can't expect lawmakers to legalize Cannabis on there on just because it's the right thing to do, we have to be the ones who keep after them and forcing the issue and I mean ALL OF US!

If we came at them with an army of Cannabis warriors shit would get done and I mean in a hurry too! No Cannabis, no vote!!! Period!!!
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