Homemade fermented plant juice


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Anyone ever make their own and use it during the veg or flower phase?

What do you recommend to put in it? Dark greens (grass clippings/mulched leaves) im guessing = nitrogen. Toss in some naner peels. PH it up/down after its made.

Ive read to use 1kg plant matter to 1kg brown sugar to 1 gallon water. 1:blushsmile:1 ratio.

Basically same process as making jailhouse pruno minus the yeast.

Mix well, cover with a cloth, let settle for a week or two in your garage or another dark dank spot.

Mix well again and gag on the smell, strain and pour into a bottle with a screw on lid but dont screw the lid.

Are these home brews useful at anything in the veg or flower phase??

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