Fermented Plant Extracts: Dilution Before Use?


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Inspired by Emilya's Fermented Dandelion fertilizer solution, I just mixed up a batch of fermented plant juice using something I had in greater abundance than Dandies... catnip. This grows like a" weed" (probably because it is a weed ;) . I planted one catnip plant past spring and had this take over that section of a 2x3 herb planter. It's flowering now which is also nice. I see the way my cat goes nuts over this stuff, "I want to feed this to my girls". QUESTION for Emilya (or anyone), based on a solution of 2 parts catnip to 1 part brown sugar (by weight - same proportions as dandelion recipe from Emilya), how do you use it when ready? (Should it be diluted before using? How long will it keep?) Thanks for any guidance.
The problem here is that Nepeta cataria is not a dynamic accumulator, so it is not going to have a whole lot of nutrients available, even after fermenting. I

I would argue that it depends on what you're using it for. Fast growing plants like grape vines are often recommended for this strategy simply for the growth hormones. So I think its a legitimate idea if thats what you want.

I do agree, though, that unless you want a lot of stretch in your plants, its probably better to use the extractions with the dynamic accumulator plants to go after their nutrients.

I use aloe and kelp fpj's for more narrow targeting of growth for roots and such, but I'll admit I usually couple them with an fpj from the accumulators to provide a broad plate of goodies for my plants.
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