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How do I post pics on my android phone plz


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I'm slow on the up take. But have pics I'd love to post but can't seem to work out how.
I'm on an android phone. Anyone that can help me plz

Richard Richardson

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Photos can be added by tapping the landscape icon on the top left of your keyboard.

As shown in screenshots below :goodluck:


Then you have an option to chose an image from your phone gallery :thumb:



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OK great. But mine don't show like that. My phone not compatible with app so I go in through Google. Definitely displayed different on my device.
Great detailed msg mate. I really appreciate it. Might need to find a forum that allows my phone


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I hope this works for you.

Sign in to 420 Mag but then click back out and Google 420 Mag again (see note below)
When Google shows you the result don't click "420 magazine"; scroll down , there should be a search box---and then after that a list: select "420 Gallery".

Then, you should see a Welcome (Your Name) and a list of categories. Scroll way past them all to the bottom. It'll say "Upload Photos."

Next screen is the upload page: Select what category to upload to: Choose Member galleries
Tap the "Select/Drop Files here. It'll ask you to select where they are--Camera or Documents (Mine are in Docs)
When you click documents, it'll give you a list. I chose "Gallery" on my phone.

Choose your photo(s) You can keep tapping the add photo box to upload multiple images
When you are ready click the Upload/Submit button
Wait....then click "process."
That's it!

Note: I had a problem with trying to get to the Upload tool when I signed in and on the 420mag website. . Once you're in on your Android it seems impossible to get to that section. So, while still signed in, I then left the site, then googled 420mag again and that's how it worked for me.


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Great mate. Very helpful. I like it here. My wife has let me put app on her phone today also. So i think im here to stay now. And on her phone its easy to post pics. Thanks richard and clancy.

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Teddy Edwards

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We are experiencing a problem with the 420 Magazine app allowing photo uploads.

We are working on it and will have it fixed as soon as possible. The problem only applies to the app, so if you have access to a PC, laptop etc, you'll still be able to upload.

Many apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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